Photoshop Artists Show How Celebrities Might Look When They Get Old

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Let’s just admit it: none of us want to age. We hate aging. No matter how wise, experienced, old-and-fabulous each of us can become, even if you grow older gracefully, your physical appearance changes, including wrinkles, flabby skin etc. are a nightmare to us (unless you’re a Dracula).
And if you’re a celeb, there’s no way you can let yourself go. There are plenty of opportunities that offer you to maintain that youthful look: cosmetic procedures, massages, surgeries, drugs, diets: from natural to hardcore. And there’s no celebrity that wouldn’t want to stay young and desired (and make money on this of course), making health suppliers and cosmetic surgeons richer and richer.
Yes, this all will work for some period of

time, but still, the the elixir of youth doesn’t exist and we all will look older sooner or later.
It is hard to imagine the most famous celebs in old age. They are always beautiful and young to us. That is why, these amazingly talented artists decided to create older versions of stars using their Photoshop skills.
Or, maybe, after these artworks it will be easier for you to get over the irreversible aging process of your favorite stars. So you get prepared for it right now.
Eventually, looking at these artworks you’ll see that aging is not that scary as it may seem.

But if you’re Dracula, this gallery will still be interesting for you.

Scarlett Johansson



Hugh Jackman

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