How to Start a Recipe Blog: Make Money Sharing Your Cooking Successes and Disasters


Nicole Dean, “How to Start a Recipe Blog: Make Money Sharing Your Cooking Successes and Disasters ”
2009 | EPUB + MOBI | 53 pages | ASIN: B002QB0PR4 | English | 0.4 MB

Updated 2014!

Did you love the movie Julie and Julia? Remember the premise of the movie? Julie started her own recipe blog based on the challenge of following Julia Child’s recipes and reporting the results with her fans. Well, you can start your own cooking blog, too, you know!

Everyone has to eat, so starting a recipe blog makes sense in terms of something that could brings you lots of opportunity, fun, and profit, if you love to cook, that is.

As a business model, starting a recipe blog has some major benefits:

1. All people eat food.
2. The terms “Recipe” and “Recipes” are searched hundreds of thousands of times each month on the Internet.
3. Eating is something we do 3 or more times each day.
4. Blogging can be an easy way to make money online.

What’s more, most people have dozens of their favorite recipes they love to share with friends, family, even complete strangers. Let’s face it; everyone enjoys food, don’t they? Finally, the prospect of some extra money in the bank generated through your own personal recipe blog does sound exciting, doesn’t it?

So, if you’re ready to turn your passion for cooking into a real business that puts extra cash in your pockets, this is the perfect home-based business for busy people who love to cook.

I’ve created a comprehensive guide on turning recipes into cold hard cash, and I’ve included all the techniques and tools you’ll need to begin your recipe blog today.

In this informative 27-page eBook, you’ll learn all the steps necessary to setup a great blog in no time. The text covers all the basics you need to know, like how to:

• Set up your Business
• Do Niche Market Research
• Develop Content
• Create Online Promos
• Monetize Your Blog
• Think Ahead

It also covers specific blogging and food related concerns, like:

• Copyright laws for recipes
• Ghostwriting
• Where to find content
• Guest blogging
• Where to submit your articles
• Food related keywords
• How to create your target market
• …and so much more.

This eBook provides TONS of specific online resources you can use to help get you going, get great ideas and expert advice, and help your business grow the right way, without all the headaches most people go through when starting their own business blog. You’ll learn about using affiliate marketing to find products to sell on your site, how to create your own information products, find great content, assess your competition, and many other blog related topics.

Once you’ve read this resource, you’ll have learned everything you need to get your recipe blog going and on its way to making a profit for you. Order this eBook today, and you could be cooking up an online storm of profits in a few weeks, with your own impressive money-making recipe blog!