​​Woody Harrelson Trying To Return To Seat At Wimbledon Is ‘Huge Mood’

While the tennis should be the main focus of our attention when it comes to Wimbledon, we all know there’s much more to the tournament than simply watching two people dressed head-to-toe in white grunting as they pelt a furry yellow ball at each other… as amusing as that can be.

Nope, for many of us Wimbledon also acts as the perfect chance for a bit of celeb spotting – especially when it involves Woody Harrelson in the audience of the men’s doubles final, looking like he’s been… umm, ‘enjoying all the event has to offer’.

The actor was caught on camera trying to get back to his seat, glass of wine in hand, but an official didn’t seem to want to let him pass.

Woody was forced to step back onto the stairs, with viewers describing the disappointed expression on his face as a ‘huge mood’.

After a clip of the moment went viral on Twitter, one person commented: “For God’s sake the man is a national treasure. Let him sit where he wants.”

Someone else referenced one of his most famous movies, quipping: “Woody Harrelson’s new movie… White men can’t drink.

Another joked: “White Men Can’t Jump Protocol.”

However, many speculated that he wasn’t allowed back into the stands because the players were mid-point – which probably seems like a more likely explanation than the steward having some obscure vendetta against the star.

It’s okay though, because Woody was allowed back in the end, and he looked STOKED:

And it looked like he was enjoying himself, too:

The tweets soon became an appreciation thread for Woody, with one person writing: “Gotta love Woody; he doesn’t give a f***!

Another said: “This is *the* twitter thread. This is it. The Internet has been won.

Truly, this has been a roller coaster of emotions. Let’s just hope Woody’s doing okay – though by the looks of things, he’s merely showing the stiff upper-lipped Brits how it’s done.

Maybe someone leave a glass of water by his bed later though, yeah?

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Written by Alan Smith

Alan Smith

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