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​‘Bloodborne’ Combat Modded Into ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

Each FromSoftware series has seen a significant departure from the last. In Dark Souls you could get through the game by hiding behind a big shield, only breaking from cover to poke an enemy between their attacks. In Bloodborne, blocking was largely negated, instead you had to dash and roll through your enemy’s attacks to escape damage. In Sekiro, you had to engage with the enemy’s attacks, parrying them rather than dodging them. It makes each new series a unique challenge. If that’s not your bag, though, and you’ve mastered Bloodborne and Bloodborne alone then you can now mod its combat style into Sekiro.

Bloodborne's combat pushed you to run into fights
Bloodborne’s combat pushed you to run into fights

The Bloodborne Combat mod on Nexus mods makes a set of significant changes that upheave Sekiro‘s melee:

  • Block/deflect no longer prevents damager
  • Dash is required to prevent damage
  • Use dash instead of jump to dodge sweep attacks
  • Use dash instead of Mikiri counter to avoid thrust attacks
  • Removes perilous attack alerts
  • Rally back your health after taking damage by dealing vitality damage to an enemy

If you’ve played through Sekiro without a mod you’ll recognise how fundamentally comba will be in the new game. It will be interesting to see how effectively you can get through the boss battles with the new combat, as many of them depend on the systems of Sekiro.

You can see the new combat in action in the video below (or here if you’re viewing on mobile):

This is an impressive mod for a game that doesn’t really support out of the box modding. It also shows that we might be due to see a slew of mods like it, that significantly change up the combat of Sekiro.

It’s a shame that modding is so rarely supported in games these days. It would be excellent to see more games cracked open and expanded by fans. Either with new areas, equipment, and abilities. Hell, who wouldn’t want to play Sekiro in a Ninja Gaiden-like world, with you leaving the mythical Japan behind for a modern world?

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