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​‘Borderlands 3’ Is Finished And Has Officially Gone Gold

With Borderlands 3 just over a month away from release, the team at Gearbox has announced that its co-op loot shooter has officially gone gold. Very little could stop this game from coming out now – a global crash of the internet that sends us back to the stone age, a meteorite taking out the planet, someone accidentally deleting all the copies of it in existence.

Gearbox announced the news on twitter:

In the old days, going gold meant that the game was finished and heading out to be printed and sent to shops. In this modern day of day one patches and post-launch content it doesn’t have quite the same ring of finality. Most of the dev team will likely now be moving over to work on any final bugs and the first batch of DLC.

While Gearbox isn’t throwing any game-changing new systems into the mix for Borderlands 3, it looks like a sequel which improves on everything of the previous games. I’ve not had a chance to play Borderlands 3 yet, but everyone I’ve spoken to who’s been to events to demo the game has come back talking about how good the gunfeel is. Borderlands has always gone in on quantity of guns, giving you literally millions of options, but one of the side-effects of that is the guns don’t feel tailormade. While there are more guns than ever in Borderlands 3, apparently the feel of each gun has been significantly improved, and the AI of the people you’re fighting against makes for much more satisfying gun battles.

Now we just need to count down the days until September 13, try not to walk out in front of any busses or get caught doing any crimes.

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