​Gordon Ramsay Recreates Famous Idiot Sandwich Meme

Gordon Ramsay has recreated his famous ‘Idiot Sandwich’ meme, having made a burly Harlequins rugby player the latest victim to be slapped in between two slices of bread.

Ramsay had popped down to the training ground for the Harlequins rugby team, and decided to give them a ‘motivational team talk’.

Of course, when it comes to the potty-mouthed chef, inspiring words tend to be a little more on the, er, aggressive side – meaning this fella had to turn himself into an ‘idiot sandwich’ as Ramsay yelled: “WHAT ARE YOU?!”

Obviously it was all in jest, as you can tell from the rugby player’s stifled giggles in the clip, as he replies: “An idiot sandwich!” Meanwhile, his teammates howl with laughter off-camera.


“When @GordonRamsay gives a motivational team talk,” the tweet from Harlequins said, with a crying with laughter emoji added at the end.

And it seems like the Harlequins lot weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the meme getting recreated; so far, the tweet has racked up more than 10,000 likes and 2,000 retweets.

Despite many of us assuming the meme came from an episode Hell’s Kitchen, where Ramsay has often been seen yelling and swearing at chefs, the clip was actually staged by Ramsay and talk show host Julie Chen for James Corden’s Late Late Show.

But that didn’t stop the meme going viral in 2015. In fact, it still crops up regularly in popular culture today – having even inspired one couple’s Halloween costume recently.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Photos of the costume in action was shared on Reddit, where the woman who played Chen’s chef in the recreation wrote: “We were both absolutely stumped as to what to dress up as for Halloween, and after searching on the internet for days we basically gave up.

“I was just scrolling through Twitter when I saw this classic meme and we knew we should do it.

“Both of us already looked similar to Ramsay and the female chef so it worked great. We borrowed coats from our chef friends, and bought the exact same chef’s hats as seen on the girl in the original meme from Chef’s Hat Inc.

“When it came time to put the costume on, I literally super glued bread to my headband and we were all set.”

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