​KFC’s £1.99 ‘Fill Up Lunch’ Deal Has Returned

While you may have literally just missed the boat for grabbing 20 hot wings for £5.99 at KFC (that deal finished the other day, sadly), the chicken chain thankfully has something equally as tempting to replace it.

This time it’s the return of the hugely popular ‘Fill Up Lunch’, which lets you put down that sad-looking meal deal sandwich and replace it with a big ol‘ box of fried chicken goodness for under two quid.

In the deal, you get one mini fillet burger, two hot wings and a regular portion of fries for £1.99 – more than enough to fill your boots before heading back to the office.

The Colonel's got your back. Credit: PA
The Colonel’s got your back. Credit: PA

It’s available every day before 3pm at participating UK restaurants, and you’ll be able to sink your teeth into the offer until the deal comes to an end on 11 August.

KFC’s mini fillet burger usually costs £1.49, while two hot wings cost 99p from the regular menu, as does a regular side of fries.

But rather than the £3.47 the feast should cost you, with the ‘Fill Up Lunch’ deal you’re saving yourself a not-too-shabby £1.48 – enough cash to buy yourself another side or even a second mini fillet burger, should you be feeling particularly greedy.You get a mini fillet burger, two hot wings and fries. Credit: KFC
You get a mini fillet burger, two hot wings and fries. Credit: KFC

You don’t get a drink included as part of the offer, but again, I’m pretty sure you could afford to splash out on one with the money you’ve saved. Or, of course, you can just grab a brew when you get back to your desk.

Reviewing the deal when it last cropped up, fast food connoisseur Burger Lad had nothing but praise for it.

“OK, the mini filet is quite small, but I don’t believe you will find a better value lunch deal anywhere else!” the review said.

“No drink is included and when placing our order, we were asked if we wanted one. So that will soon bump the price up!

“But for £1.99 to get a mini burger, wings, popcorn chicken and the new fries is an absolute steal.”

Burger Lad added: “At £1.99, The Fill Up Lunch at KFC has got to be the best lunch deal at any fast food chain in the UK now. Recommended.”

Admittedly, Burger Lad was accidentally given an extra portion of popcorn chicken – which doesn’t usually come with the deal – but still.

Happy lunching, chicken lovers!

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Written by Alan Smith

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