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​League Of Legends’ Dev’s New Game Is Too Damn Popular

You might have been hearing about Dota Autochess and it’s various spin offs, such as Valve’s Dota Underlords. Well, Riot has released the beta for Teamfight Tactics, its own take on the odd, self-playing strategy game. It’s been wildly popular, so popular in fact that some players have reported 90-minute queues for a game that only lasts around 30 minutes.

In Dota Autochess you would hire a crew made up of Dota heroes and send them to fight other player’s teams. Winning nets you gold (along with losing and interest and certain items – but let’s not get into all the rules, they’re confusing) which you then use to hire more heroes for your crew, or upgrade the heroes you already have on staff. Teamfight Tactics takes a lot of the same principles but uses champions from League of Legends.

Riot began rolling out the new game earlier this week but the demand to play has been huge. It’s caused problems like game slowdown and crashes as millions of players try to use Riot’s servers. Riot’s solution was to introduce queues to reduce server load but those queues rapidly grew to sometimes ridiculous lengths.

The same problem happened in Europe when Riot released the game here, except Riot’s had to shut down European servers altogether after they were flooded with players, revealing an infrastructure issue.

Turns out the game is more popular in Europe than anywhere in the world and, er, that’s a problem:

So, yeah, if you were looking forward to playing Riot’s first new game in absolutely ages, then you’re going to have to wait. Alternatively, you could go and play Dota Underlords.

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