​Loose Truck Tyre Rolls Down Highway Before Smashing Into Jeep

A shocking video of a tyre rolling down a highway in New Jersey and ploughing into an oncoming jeep on the other side of the road has gone viral – and as you’d imagine, it’s a pretty tense watch.

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that, miraculously, no one was seriously injured in the incident.

However, the driver of the car, John Rice, was left with a ‘sore back and nose’ from the impact of the airbag.

The runaway tyre had been rolling down a highway in Edison, which was when an onlooker decided to start filming it.

It then suddenly bounced up onto the median and rolled along the other side of the highway, before crashing straight into John – who had been driving behind his wife Allison and their three young children.

On Thursday (25 July) John, an officer in Piscataway, told ABC: “Initially I thought, ‘Please don’t hit my wife, my wife’s in the car in front of me, three kids in the car,’ and that was going through my head, ‘Please don’t hit her.'”

The tyre had actually first clipped Allison’s car before it went into her husband’s jeep.

“I thought it was going to come right through my windshield,” Allison said.

John continued: “Out of nowhere a tyre jumps across the median from the opposite direction into our side of the roadway.

“Didn’t notice at the time but it struck the rear of my wife’s car and came directly toward the front of my Jeep.”

The Jeep was hit pretty badly, but thankfully no one was seriously injured. Credit: ABC
The Jeep was hit pretty badly, but thankfully no one was seriously injured. Credit: ABC

The footage was uploaded to Instagram, where many social media users can’t believe the luck of the Jeep’s driver.

Rice has also commented on the video, explaining that he had suffered some injuries from what happened.

I am the driver that the tyre hit,” he wrote.

“If you are the person that recorded this video or anyone else that saw which truck it came from please reach out to me. I’m assuming it’s from that dump truck in the video.

“I am not injured, just sore back and nose from the airbag. My Jeep is destroyed though. Just glad I took the hit and not my wife and kids in the car in front of me.”

One Instagrammer also said: “Damn that’s crazy as hell.”

Another wrote: “Smacked by a tyre at highway speeds and the guy is fine. This is why I drive a Jeep!”

Someone even said they were there when it happened, writing: “Wow I was 10 mins behind this last night on 287 north. I past the tyre n it was still smoking. Hope everyone is ok.”

Another claimed: “My mom was definitely with my brother when this hit his and just missed the car with his 3 kids and wife in front of him. This video makes me sick to my stomach!”

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Written by Alan Smith

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