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​‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ PC Code Spotted In Social Club App

The rumours of a version of Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC have been going back and forth for over a year now. However, only recently has hard evidence for the port started to come to light. Last week there was a reference to a PC version of the game spotted in the source code of a Rockstar site and now lots of references to the game have appeared in the Rockstar Social Club app. More than the game itself, there’s also reason to hope it will look prettier than ever on PC.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

While the code in the Social Club app could have been leftover code from Grand Theft Auto V, users in the GTA forums where the code was posted have pointed out that it differs in multiple ways. For instance, the Red Dead Redemption 2 code refers to ‘Ultra’ graphics settings, which weren’t available in GTA. There’s also references to DirectX Feature Set 12_1, again something not used for GTA.

It’s all these settings which make it unlikely to refer to console versions of Red Dead Redemption 2. You don’t need to change things like the System, UI, and Display settings with a console game, certainly not to the same depth as PC players.

Pinkertons in 'Red Dead Redemption 2'. Credit: Rockstar Games
Pinkertons in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’. Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar still isn’t referring to a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 openly, and until it officially confirms it we can’t 100% say that it’s coming but this, coupled with last week’s reference to PC achievements, is certainly promising. The PC community has evolved GTA V substantially since launch – through mods the game has been made to look better than ever and it has been expanded to include a range of new characters, roleplaying servers have revealed a wonderful and weird side to the game community, and it just has a vast, engaged audience on PC. It would be wonderful to see that come to Red Dead Redemption 2, too. Because, yes, I would like to play though the entire game looking like The Incredible Hulk.

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