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​‘Roblox’ Now Has More Active Players Than ‘Minecraft’

This month saw Roblox hit 100 million active users. That’s more even than the sandbox game’s main competitor, Minecraft. First launched in 2006, Roblox, which lets you design your own game modes within its sandbox and share them with the community, has had a surge in popularity in recent years, despite not receiving anything like the media coverage of Minecraft.

“We started Roblox over a decade ago with a vision to bring people from all over the world together through play,” founder and CEO David Baszucki is quoted as saying in a blog post announcing the milestone. “Roblox began with just 100 players and a handful of creators who inspired one another, unlocking this groundswell of creativity, collaboration, and imagination that continues to grow.”

The blog post also points out that 40 million of those players are women, and that Roblox is being played in more than 200 countries around the world.


Back in March, Microsoft revealed that Minecraft had 91 million active monthly users, and it has made no announcement of surpassing 100 million in the months since then.

Roblox developer Roblox Corporation has released a gold bar shoulder accessory to celebrate, that will only be available in the catalogue for a short time. So if you’re a Roblox player looking to commemorate the big day you’ll likely want to log in and claim the bling.

While Roblox and Minecraft share many similarities, one of the ways in which they differ is that Roblox brings modding directly into the game and it’s in-game market. You can use the Lua scripting language to create new game modes and changes to the environment, and then those modes can be sold to other players. There are a number of Roblox players who had been able to make a living through producing content for the game.

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