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​Streamer’s Broadcast Cut Short When A Cat Vomits Into His PC

I was on the fence about whether streaming has been a good thing for gaming, but I’m sold on it after watching a video of a streamer getting cut off mid broadcast because his cat threw up into his computer.

You can see streamer JadedBlue streaming Escape From Tarkov when you hear his cat, Kelsier, begin to meow loudly. He asks “What’s the matter, buddy?” moments before Kelsier barfs from his desktop down onto the PC below, directly into the fan vent, letting the chunky vom flow straight into the guts of his PC.

The sick all happens off-screen in this perfectly cut video (watch it here if you’re reading on mobile):

The clip ends with Twitch’s technical difficulties card popping up. A fine end.

JadedBlue shared a picture of the aftermath on Twitter, which be warned does show a lot of cat vomit:

In a later tweet, JadedBlue listed the damage: “Well boys and girls the news is in. Most of the computer is fried! The only salvageable parts were the PSU, My SSD and HDD and the case! RIP my poor computer.”

Over on Resetera, commenters shared their own stories of pet PC destruction. “A friend’s cat pissed in an open case PC and on a brand new graphics card,” Claven writes. Meanwhile, Orb writes that “I’ve had the exact same thing happened to me, but fortunately I had a fine mesh grill cover on the top of my PC and was able to clean it up really quick before anything got into the case.” Whereas, ElectricBlanketFire, points out that dogs have their own issues “Wait until you have a dog that decides to eat and then throw up a pair of dirty women’s underwear while you’re hosting a party.”

Have your animals ever damaged your gaming gear? Let us know in the comments.

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