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​This Is What ‘Death Stranding’ Would Have Looked Like On The PS1

Death Stranding may not be out until November but that’s not stopped Bearly Regal from imagining what the game would have looked like on the original PlayStation. His demake of the game shows off Kojima’s blocky world in gloriously blocky detail.

Kicking off with that old familiar boot screen and then, naturally, a long loading screen to bring the world of Death Stranding to life, the demake shows how the large open world would need to be split up into multiple segments. In this case, the player loads into Mountain Bass B – Tier 1.

Watch the demake in action below (or here if you’re reading on mobile)

Something that wasn’t possible to capture back in the PS1 days is that you’re playing as Norman Reedus, in the demake the character is a low res, chunky model. The main defining factor of the character is their giant orange backpack. Reedus isn’t completely lost, though. In the dialogue sections, or at least when the character inspects something, a 2D asset fades into view to show off a character portrait of the famous actor.

There are nods to Kojima’s other games, from the location names to the player picking up dog tags of fallen characters.

Hopefully when Death Stranding comes out in November it won’t be as reliant on loading screens, but then maybe this demake is just a dark prophecy of what is to come from Kojima Productions.

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