​Who Is Belle Delphine? Patreon, Instagram, Boyfriend And Best Pranks

You probably know Belle Delphine as the girl who sold her own bath water. And if you don’t…she’s the girl who sold her own bath water to her online fans.

When she’s not hydrating her horny followers, the pink-haired 19-year-old takes to Instagram to pull “erotic” faces, sexily slurp raw eggs and pose with what looks like a dead octopus with googly eyes whilst showing just enough skin to get past social media NSFW rules. No, I’m not high.

This is actually a thing that is happening in 2019. She seems to be quite the marmite character, as some people see her as a performance artist, whereas others have their pitchforks out claiming that she appropriates Japanese culture and is well, just a bit creepy.

If I could sell my bath water for £24 a pop, I wouldn’t care what anyone thought to be fair.

The popular cos-player is now selling her old bathwater. Credit: Instagram/Belle Delphine
The popular cos-player is now selling her old bathwater. Credit: Instagram/Belle Delphine

Who is Belle Delphine?

Delphine was born Belle Kitschner in South Africa but has since moved to the UK where she currently resides. Nobody really knows much about her family, although she does appear to have a thing for kitten and hamsters.


Belle came to fame via Instagram where she had over 4.5 million followers. That was until she got banned after “violating nudity guidelines”. Her account teetered between pornography and modeling and takes inspiration from both gaming culture and anime.

How does Belle make money?

Earlier this month, Belle decided to maximise on her popularity by flogging her bathwater. According to Belle, the GamerGirl Bathwater is “bottled while I’m playing in the bath. This really is bathwater.”

She adds: “Disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

A little pot of the water cost £24 each and she’d sold 500 bottles in just two days.

However, she makes most of her money on crowdfunding site Patreon, where fans pay to get NSFW photographs from her, and even interact with her if they pay enough.

Welcome to 2019 Credit: Instagram/Belle Delphine
Welcome to 2019 Credit: Instagram/Belle Delphine

For $1,000 a month (that’s not a typo) you can become ‘the king of her world’ where you get access to her sexy private Snapchat, access to Ahegao photos (see above) and a ‘very lewd polaroid signed with a kiss’.

For $2,500 you would become ‘her god’ according to the site which she describes as: “You are my god, I couldn’t possibly ever thank you enough. <3 I couldn’t possibly think of a good enough reward for the very best Patron I will ever have. <3 If you achieve this tier, please private message me. I’m not sure what reward I could give you, but we’ll talk about it. I love you.”

She currently has 4267 patrons.

Does Bell have a boyfriend?

In between pulling faces, taking sexy snaps and selling bathwater, I’m not sure where she’d fit the time in to have a boyfriend. She keeps everything about her life outside of modelling close to her chest, so it isn’t clear whether the cosplayer is single or not.

Latest pranks

<span class=”NormalTextRun SCXW239162997 BCX0″ “>She recently trolled her 3.8 million followers by pretending she was going to create her own Pornhub channel if one of her photos hit over a million likes, which it did – in fact, it almost gained double that.

True to her word, the gamer then set up an account with the porn giant. But sadly for her army of supporters, her first video – entitled ‘Belle Delphine strokes two BIG cocks’ – didn’t quite live up to their expectations. Rather than seeing the Instagrammer get down to business with a couple of guys, the video was just Belle sitting on a bed and playing with two stuffed cockerels.

Belle Delphine previously pranked her scams on Pornhub. Credit: Pornhub/Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine previously pranked her scams on Pornhub. Credit: Pornhub/Belle Delphine

Needless to say, the majority of her followers lost their minds.

One satisfied customer just said: “This is exactly what i wanted and expected.”

I no longer know what to expect in 2019.

I’m am going to get people knocking on my door for researching this article though, I’m convinced of it..

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