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10 Popular Drinks That Can Spoil Your Figure and How to Replace Them

10 Popular Drinks That Can Spoil Your Figure and How to Replace Them

Most popular cocktails contain alcohol and a lot of calories. That’s why alcohol and diets are definitely not a match made in heaven. But sometimes it’s so important to relax and have a good time with friends, right? What do you do in this case? You can easily replace them with lighter drinks that taste just as good as your usual cocktails. They don’t contain a lot of sugar and won’t spoil the results of your workout at the gym.

info-ideal selected 10 alternatives to popular cocktails that are just as fancy as drinking the most fashionable beverages.

10. Long Island (424 cal) — Cosmopolitan (100 cal)

Worse. The popular ’Long Island’ ice tea contains vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple-sec, and Coca-Cola. That’s why a standard glass of this beverage (14 fl oz) contains 424 cal.

Better. The ’Cosmopolitan’ cocktail contains less alcohol and, additionally, a little cranberry juice. It’s as tasty as the ’Long Island’ ice tea and its portion (9 fl oz) contains less than 100 cal.

9. Piña Colada (З00 cal) — Fuzzy Navel (120 cal)

Worse. A famous Caribbean cocktail ’Piña Colada’ contains a lot of coconut and pineapple. That’s the reason why there can be up to 300 cal in 8 fl oz of this drink.

Better. A cocktail with the funny name Fuzzу Navel contains peach schnapps and orange juice which makes it a worthy alternative to ’Piña Colada’ with only 120 cal.

8. Mojito (242 cal) — Martini (70 cal)

10 Popular Drinks That Can Spoil Your Figure and How to Replace Them

Worse. Mojito is one of the most popular beach cocktails, which due to high contents of sugar can have up to 240 cal in 9 fl oz.

Better. You can replace it with a less popular Martini, which contains only 70 cal in 9 fl oz.

7. Gin & Tonic (170 cal) — Gin & Slimline Tonic (70 cal)

Worse. ’Gin & Tonic’ is another favorite beach, resort, and club drink. Its biggest disadvantage is its high sugar content. 7 fl oz of this drink contain about 170 cal.

Better. Slimline Tonic is another tonic beverage that has fewer calories. That’s why Gin & Slimline Tonic looks the same but has only 70 cal in 7 fl oz.

6. “Rum and Coke” (210 cal) — “Rum and Diet Coke” (115 cal)

Worse. “Rum and Coke” is one of the most popular party drinks. 10 fl oz of this beverage contain 210 cal.

Better. To reduce the amount of calories in this beverage, you can replace a regular Coke with Diet Coke. As a result, you will have only 115 cal in 10 fl oz.

5. “White Russian” (208 cal) — “Daiquiri” (140 cal)

Worse. “White Russian” became popular after the release of the movie The Big Lebowski. The main character of this film drank this cocktail throughout the movie. However, it is not that good for you in terms of calorie content — 3 fl oz of this beverage contain 208 cal.

Better. The ideal alternative to it is a “Daiquiri” — a refreshing drink made of mango, lime juice, and rum. The same portion has only 140 cal.

4. White wine (160 cal) — Сhampagne (89 cal)

Worse. Of course, wines can be different and the amount of calories in them depends on the type of grapes and additional sugar. Nevertheless, the approximate number of calories in 6 fl oz is 160.

Better. Champagne can be considered a ’diet’ carbonated drink. One 4 fl oz portion contains less than 89 cal.

3. “Gin & Tonic” (175 cal) — “Lime Soda” Indian style (106 cal)

Worse. “Gin & Tonic” is a carbonated drink that also has many calories and too much sugar; its 9 fl oz contain 175 cal.

Better. “Lime Soda” Indian style will be a perfect alternative because it doesn’t have extra sugar and contains only 106 cal in 9 fl oz.

2. Margarita (280 kcal) — Moscow Mule (120 kcal)

Worse. The next trendy cocktail is the Margarita. And it contains 280 cal in 8 fl oz. By the way, a slice of 100 g of pizza has fewer calories than this drink — 253 cal.

Better. A good alternative is the Moscow Mule. It has only 120 cal in 6 fl oz.

1. Dark beer (220 cal) — Protein beer (92 cal)

Worse. There are thousands of beer types and each of them has its own calorie content. The type of beer that has the largest number of calories is dark beer. 1 pint of this drink contains 220 cal. But there is a good alternative.

Better. Nowadays, protein beers are gaining in popularity because they have much fewer calories. Their biggest disadvantage is that they can’t be found everywhere. Another good option for replacing dark beer is alcohol-free beer (0.5 pt — 50 cal), and the last option could be lager beer (1 pt — 170 cal).

Which of these drinks is your favorite one? Are you going to replace it with a drink with fewer calories? Which one? We would be glad to read about your preferences in the comments!

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