10 Underrated Movies That Are Actually Real Gems

10 Underrated Movies That Are Actually Real Gems

When choosing a movie, we often pay attention to its rating, read critics reviews, and ask for advice from our friends and if the reviews turn out to be bad, we usually refuse to watch the movie. However, by doing so we might miss real masterpieces that, for some unknown reason, didn’t impress other people.

We at Info-Ideal want to eliminate this unfairness and are going to tell you about the underrated movies from recent years.

A drama from Dan Fogelman the creator of the popular TV series This is Us. The movie Life Itself tells the story of a relationship that lasts for decades. The main characters Abby and Will fall in love, go through some doubts about their feelings, get ready for their wedding, and get into an accident on the road and…their story repeats again. In order to break the vicious circle, it’s important to understand what it all started from.

Though critics were not impressed by the movie, many viewers mention its soulfulness and sincerity.

  • IMDb Rating — 6.5

Galveston, 2018

A criminal thriller that won’t allow you to feel bored, even for a minute. The main hero Roy, who works as a hitman, gets set up by his boss. He manages to avoid the trap by killing his potential assassins and on his way to escape, he discovers Rocky, a young escort, who was being held captive. After some hesitation, Roy reluctantly agrees to take her with him.

The main reason this movie received criticism is because it doesn’t align with the book that it’s based on. However, avid fans believe that it doesn’t make the movie any less interesting.

  • IMDb Rating — 6.2

An American drama about growing up in an unforgettable atmosphere. Timothée Chalamet, one of the most sought-after actors of the modern world, transforms into a 13-year-old Daniel in the movie Hot Summer Nights. His father passed away and he spends most of his time alone. Daniel’s life changes after meeting beautiful McKayla and a hooligan named Hunter, who turns out to be the girl’s brother and is against her relationship with Daniel.

Hot Summer Nights was criticized for being a cliché. People find many similarities with the archetype of James Dean, and with the storyline of The Nice Guys and Boogie Nights, as well as other parallels. But those are the very things that let us dive into the atmosphere of the 1960s.

  • IMDb Rating — 6.4

Cake, 2014

Cake is another piece of proof that Jennifer Aniston is not only a talented comedian, but also a dramatic actress as well. She had a very difficult dramatic role in the movie — a woman who suffers from a syndrome with chronic pain. Aniston’s heroine tries to figure her life out and wants to reveal the mystery of the death of a girl who used to attend the same psychological courses as her.

We believe that Cake deserves more attention than it got. Jennifer should have been at least nominated for an “Oscar” or even gotten an award for Best Actress in 2014.

  • IMDb Rating — 6.4

The screen adaptation of Sarah Waters’ popular gothic novel that keeps viewers tense from the very beginning until the end. The Little Stranger is a story of Dr. Faraday (his role was played by Domhnall Gleeson who also played Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter movies) who was called to a crumbling house. Turns out, there is something mysterious happening in the manor and the main character has to figure all this stuff out.

Many viewers were confused by this familiar storyline. However, if you are looking for a classic gothic drama, then The Little Stranger is a perfect option.

  • IMDb Rating — 5.6

A post-apocalyptic thriller with Tilda Swinton in the main role. The movie tells the story of Earth after the beginning of the Ice age. Everyone who survived hid in a huge train that is rushing around on the round-the-world railway. This express train has the same hierarchy as in any society. The passengers are divided into classes and the richest ones occupy the wagons that are closer to the locomotive. Soon a riot begins, and the rebels decide to get to the head wagon.

Many critics called the movie Snowpiercer one of the best of 2013. But still, it didn’t get the attention it deserved.

  • IMDb Rating — 7.1

Anti-utopic movie about kids with superpowers from the producer of the series Stranger Things. Teenagers get arrested by the government that sends them to special camps. The main character escapes the camp together with a group of like-minded people and plans a riot against the oppressors.

The Darkest Minds have episodes that are reminiscent of both J. K. Rowling’s book series about Harry Potter and Richard Adams’ novel Watership Down. These parallels make the movie even more interesting and prove that it’s not a trivial teenage movie, but a complex piece of art that covers the topics of friendship, independence, and power.

  • IMDb Rating — 5.7

A movie for fans of French cinematography. Self-confident handsome guy Abel and a new actor Clément are in the center of the storyline. Both guys fall in love with one girl — a sweet girl named Mona who doesn’t have mutual feelings for either of them. Abel and Clément dream of stealing her heart.

Les Deux Amis was the directorial debut of Louis Garrel. The movie is worth watching despite diverse reviews from cinema critics, especially if you are interested in modern European cinematography.

  • IMDb Rating — 6.1

A thriller starring the gorgeous Amber Heard. The actress plays the role of Nicola Six whose visit to a bar inspires a writer who hasn’t been able to write a line for the past couple of decades. He takes a closer look and familiarizes himself with this spectacular girl and her murderous secrets. Viewers are supposed to uncover Nicola’s mystery too.

London Fields was criticized for its difference from the original novel with the same name, by Martin Amis. But we know that the debates over which is better — the book or the movie — will last forever. That’s why we recommend that you enjoy both of them.

  • IMDb Rating — 4.4

Silencio, 2018

A sci-fi thriller about the strength of a mother’s love. Silencio tells the story of a woman who goes to Mexico to find a magic stone there. This stone is supposed to save her son’s life, but she encounters many obstacles on her way.

Critics don’t like the unbelievable parts of the movie, as well as the fact that the story about time travel is turned into a soap opera. At the same time, viewers who were impressed by the movie speak about its sincerity.

  • IMDb Rating — 5.8

Can you add any other movies to this list? Was there a movie that everyone was criticizing, but it impressed you a lot? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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10 Underrated Movies That Are Actually Real Gems

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