15 Things That Give Away Where Tourists Are From Right on the Spot

15 Things That Give Away Where Tourists Are From Right on the Spot

When you’re on a vacation far away, can you recognize a person from your country right away? And what about people from other countries? There’s actually nothing difficult about that one: Canadians tend to be very polite, Germans love nature, and the riskiest tourists are usually from Australia!

Info-Ideal wants to remind you that these illustrations are purely meant for fun and we recommend you not take them too seriously.

1. People from China

Where you can see tourists from China:

  • In any of your photos taken in popular touristy places

2. People from Canada

How to recognize tourists from Canada:

  • They are polite in any situation.
  • They have a picture of a maple leaf on their clothing and baggage.

3. People from Sweden

How to recognize tourists from Sweden:

  • They look like blonde-haired gods.
  • They’re tall.

4. People from Australia

How to recognize tourists from Australia:

  • You will definitely hear them: they love to make a lot of noise.
  • They love swimming in fountains.
  • They’re fascinated by snow.

5. People from Japan

How to recognize tourists from Japan:

  • They have “Paris syndrome” more often than anyone else.
  • They love using the “peace sign” in pictures.
  • They often wear white gloves and masks.

6. People from England

How to recognize tourists from England:

  • Young English people are interested in places with English beer, they wear slippers with socks, and don’t use sunscreen.
  • Older English people never skip breakfast and are polite and relaxed.

7. People from Chile

How to recognize tourists from Chile:

  • They handle difficult situations with humor.
  • They tie shirts around their waists.
  • They’re happy and funny, and you can recognize them by their infectious laughter.

8. People from France

How to recognize tourists from France:

  • The girls are slim and carry small handbags, and they wear a touch of lipstick on her face and leave their hair a bit messy.
  • Men are tall and elegant.
  • They don’t speak English.

9. People from Russia

How to recognize tourists from Russia:

  • You can often see them in places where there is a “prohibited” sign.
  • They don’t let the weather dictate their plans.
  • Women are capable of wearing high heels on any surface whether it be sand, rocks, tiles, and more.

10. People from Turkey

How to recognize tourists from Turkey:

  • They love Georgia and other warm countries because it reminds them of home.
  • They give all women compliments.
  • They love playing with children.

11. People from Israel

How to recognize tourists from Israel:

  • They know how to haggle in any country.
  • They never pay more for souvenirs.

12. People from Germany

How to recognize tourists from Germany:

  • They love nature.
  • Men wear sandals with socks.
  • They’re okay with carrying huge backpacks.

13. People from America

How to recognize tourists from the US:

  • They wear sneakers, fanny packs, and carry Apple devices.
  • They smile a lot.
  • They’re curious and show sincere interest in the history of other countries.

14. People from Spain

How to recognize tourists from Spain:

  • They never leave the room before nighttime.
  • At night, you can spot them at noisy parties in the very middle of the club.

15. People from Romania

How to recognize tourists from Romania:

  • They’re dressed to the nines.

How do you recognize tourists from different countries?

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15 Things That Give Away Where Tourists Are From Right on the Spot

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