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15 Unexpected Clothing Trends That Fashion-Mongers From Around the World Are Already Following

15 Unexpected Clothing Trends That Fashion-Mongers From Around the World Are Already Following

The good news is that fashion usually strives for femininity and naturalness. Designers are always ready to surprise us and create quite unique trends like cow prints, tights that are so cool they could be displayed in museums, and bike shorts that are supposed to be worn with high heels. In order to look stylish, you need to know how to combine all these things correctly and use this knowledge in your everyday life.

We at info-ideal track fashion trends carefully and are ready to show you a guide on the current hottest trends.

1. Photoprints

Loud words and smart quotes printed on sweatshirts and T-shirts are going to stay in the previous season, because now it’ll be photo prints that will provide the commentary on your surroundings and show your personality.

Paintings from popular artists, abstract figures, landscapes, portraits, and commemorative photographs are going to shift into the spotlight.

2. Fantasy tights

Indie designer, Lirika Matoshi, creates real paradise gardens on ordinary tights. And her unusual designs made with sequins, beads, crystals, and embroidery on all types of mesh tights will almost guarantee a certain aesthetic pleasure.

These masterpieces of hosiery even have flower and insect compositions (made of rhinestones). Swoon!

You can decorate your own tights yourself too. All you need to start are a pile of rhinestones, sequins, and ready-made appliques.

3. Toile de Jouy patterns

The name of these prints translates as, “fabric from Jouy.” And they are named after the first place they were manufactured — the village Jouy-en-Josas in France. It was Christian Dior who first introduced this pattern. In 1946, the designer invited decorator Victor Granpierre and asked him to refresh the interior of his salon at his Paris boutique. Victor decorated the entire salon with this print, basing it on famous scenes from the painting by Jean-Baptiste Huet. Dior was delighted and started to use this pattern in his collections.

Today this print is undergoing a revival. Sometimes it’s mixed with monochromatic items, other times it’s worn as it is, without anything additional.

4. Mini bags

Those giant bags from the previous season are now being replaced with their mini copies. Today this mini accessory is a desired object for many fashion-mongers. This year designers have presented many interesting options for wearing these bags. For example, one can wear a mini bag as an accessory to a big bag, they can also be worn with decoration or without it, and they even can be worn as a neck piece.

5. Microbags

There’s an even smaller bag that’s 3.3 in x 2 in and it could easily be called a Barbie doll accessory. This unusual wardrobe detail has already caused a number of memes, while the question, “What can one put into this cute thing?” got sarcastic answers a-la “a nut,” “money for ice cream,” “love,” and “one AirPods pod.” However, as surprising as it might sound, once this type of bag went on sale for (Attention!) $258, their first batch sold out within 2 days. The rest of the potential buyers had to wait for a new batch of minis.

6. Bike shorts

This trend reminds us of the 90s. It came back into fashion thanks to Kim Kardashian, when she started to wear them everywhere. These shortened leggings look great with loose shirts, tunics, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

When it comes to choosing the right shoes, there are no limitations here — bike shorts can be combined with sporty shoes, as well as with high heels.

7. Cow print

This print looks fresh, current, and unusual. At the same time, it is more universal than the famous “leopard” print thanks to its monochromic colors.

15 Unexpected Clothing Trends That Fashion-Mongers From Around the World Are Already Following

This type of print will attract people’s attention and is usually combined with neutral clothing.

8. Slit pants

Designers have switched from rolled-up trousers and started to just cut them from the bottom-up. This version visually elongates legs. The formula of beauty is very simple: high-waist flared pants and cuts either in the center or on the sides.

There are more and more options for these trousers appearing in stores. The cut can be barely noticeable or reach all the way to the hips.

9. Voluminous and elongated sleeves

It was just recently when everyone was trying to roll up their sleeves or was buying the 3/4 sleeve, but this season everything has changed. The sleeves of this season surprised us with their hypertrophic volumes, as well as their length. Sometimes these sleeves can go far beyond the wrist line. One can always roll up a super long sleeve, if needed.

10. Chains for glasses

For some people, this type of accessory might be associated with teachers or librarians because glasses on chains are often a part of their professional persona. However, today this trend leaves many fashion-mongers in awe. The most popular versions come with pearls and colorful beads. Also, designers have created an option with small seashells for summer wear. Glasses chains can be combined with neck pendants or serve as a necklace themselves.

11. Ultra-bright shoes

The Irregular Choice brand reflects the concept of the products they offer in its name. The brand’s shoes are so bright and unusual that you definitely won’t get lost in the crowd.

Designers don’t limit themselves at all — you can find almost everything here from unicorns on sneakers to colorful heels made of organic glass and various rhinestones.

12. Crochet

Now everyone who used to talk about the fact that an openwork weave was old-fashioned will have a chance to see how cool it really is this season. Crochet dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories are currently at the peak of popularity.

The lucky ones who have mastered the macramé and crochet techniques will be able to treat themselves to these fashionable novelties.

13. Lurex

One of the fashion missions of this season is to glitter and shine every time and everywhere, not paying attention to the part of the day or the occasion.

Be ready to squint your eyes from the bling of bright metalized threads because lurex has returned to us from the 80s.

14. Tie-dye techniques

The term tie-dye reflects the idea of this type of clothing well. That’s how the unusual color borders and prints on these clothing items are made — the fabric is rolled up, tied with threads, and dyed in this condition. When the fabric gets unwrapped, it ends up having an unusual pattern on it.

These wild color patterns cover everything from jackets, to shirts, to T-shirts nowadays. You can buy them anywhere, which means you won’t have to recreate the whole procedure of creating this trend at home.

15. Massive hairbands

Hairbands are becoming an important trend that’s attracting everyone’s attention. This bright accessory can make your whole image look stunning, even if you are wearing ordinary jeans and a T-shirt. Accessories made of latex and matte leather are at the peak of fashion trends today.

Which of these fashion trends are you ready to start using? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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