19 Rebellious Relatives Who Live by Their Own Rules

19 Rebellious Relatives Who Live by Their Own Rules

Family members are the most important and the most dangerous people in the world because they are the ones that know how to troll us so that we remember their jokes forever. Only your family knows how to support your low-carb diet and give you a steak as a birthday present.

info-ideal thinks that you should always be on the alert when it comes to your family. Here are 19 photos that prove we’re right.

19. The children have chosen strange old-fashioned technologies.

18. This husband gives the TV remote to his wife after the World Cup.

17. This boy made a 911 call after dad drove through a red light.

19 Rebellious Relatives Who Live by Their Own Rules

16. “I gave up carbs and sugar, so this is how my family celebrated my birthday.”

19 Rebellious Relatives Who Live by Their Own Rules

15. “My dad calmly explained he was tired of people not refilling the roll.”

14. “When I was younger I used to like pulling the heads off of my sister’s Barbie dolls and drawing a face on the stump underneath.”

13. “Mom said, ’Throw the bucket!’ meaning just the water, but grandma took it too literally.”

12. “My son wanted to have a Man Bun like his uncle — I present the Man Sprout.”

11. “My grandma came in and said my Scrabble tiles look weird, but she’s glad it’s still being played ’among us.’ I was cleaning my keyboard…”

10. “It was my mom’s birthday today and my dad didn’t check the cake before showing it to her. Her name is Peg.”

9. “For Father’s Day, here is the sign we made to greet dad from his work trip.”

8. “I asked my sister to save me some cake. She took it literally.”

7. “When your wife deserves the best so you wake her up to a romantic candlelit breakfast.”

6. “His son graduates from 1st grade, but shhhh there is a game on!”

5. “My wife and I decided on not getting any pets anytime soon. So my son goes to the fair with his aunt and wins all of these.”

4. “My grandpa letting my little sister practice her nail polishing on him.”

3. “My dad didn’t even wait to get home to use his Father’s Day card.”

2. “Grandma calling out my grandpa in a photo album I just found tonight.”

1. “My friend’s boyfriend wasn’t happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later.”

Do your relatives have a good sense of humor? Share some stories with us in the comments!

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