19 Terrific Historical Photos You’re Lucky to See

19 Terrific Historical Photos You’re Lucky to See

Every historical photo is a capsule of time. It’s easy to find yourself traveling through time and distance while looking at it. And this article will help you dive into the amazing world of history and help you relive some of its moments.

info-ideal collected photos where the photographer managed to capture the most touching moments of someone’s life.

A second before happiness, 1955.

Jodie Farber on the set of JFK movie, 1991.

A Victorian couple barely holds back laughter, trying to look serious to take a portrait, 1890s.

19 Terrific Historical Photos You’re Lucky to See

A little girl and her pet toad at an exhibition of pets in California, 1936.

19 Terrific Historical Photos You’re Lucky to See

Champion Leo of Reynalton with its owner young Dorothy Horder at a dogs’ exhibition in London, 1935.

A group of women riding a roller-coaster in London, 1958.

A little girl pretending to be talking on the phone, Japan, 1958.

A street musician and a street girl.

A hotel commissionaire is addressing a small dachshund, London, 1938.

A postman posing with heavy Christmas parcels, Chicago, 1929.

A blind woman relaxing in a swimming pool guided by her dog, 1966.

A little French girl kissing an American soldier on St. Valentine’s Day, 1945.

A young woman and a soldier of the US Army are hugging at the station after a long separation, New Hope, Connecticut, 1945.

A tiny resident of Paris, 1952.

A soldier that came back from the war, 1940s.

A French boy is introducing himself to Indian soldiers that came to France for military service, Marseilles, September 30, 1914.

Higher and higher!

A speedway racer enjoying his foam bath together with his dog in a dressing room, 1934.

“The Jack Rabbit Club,” 1890. It existed 60 years before the founding of “Playboy.”

Which of these photos impressed you the most? Why? Please let us know about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit JFK/Warner Bros.
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