20 Photos That Send Chills Down the Spine

20 Photos That Send Chills Down the Spine

The American writer Stephen King in his book Danse Macabre outlined his view on the genre of horror, “If films are dreams of mass culture, then horror movies are its nightmares.” And the number of people that love to watch these “nightmares” is increasing more and more every day. Fans of horror stories will not miss the opportunity to get another bunch of goose bumps on their skin from anything — even if it’s only a photo. So if you are one of them, then you clicked on the right link.

info-ideal collected 20 photos that once you look at them, will have your heart in your mouth.

20. When the doggies on a walk turned into hellish hounds:

19. “My mom almost crashed her car today because a snake started coming out of her vents while she was driving.”

18. “Groomer took my dog from loveable teddy bear to sewer rat on heroin.”

17. When you haven’t cleaned the area behind the chest of drawers for a long time:

16. “I’ve come for your soul.”

15. It seems we might know where King drew inspiration from when writing The Mist.

14. The weather seems to be hinting at something.

13. It’s just the processing of blood oranges.

12. It was not the best day to start repairs on the balcony.

11. “My brother’s photo at work looks like a poster for a post-apocalyptic film.”

20 Photos That Send Chills Down the Spine

10. When the elevator in an 8-story building makes you think hard.

Translation: “Button 6 is not working, button 2 is not working.”

9. What a cute dog! I’d better not touch it.

8. Very creepy shooting gallery

7. Paparazzi will be punished.

6. How to scare guests who decide to stay overnight:

5. It seems that some ancient curse has been imposed on this playground.

4. “Come outside, let’s play!”

3. “Found out the house we are living in has a bunker below. I managed to squeeze my phone in one of the cracks in the door to take this creepy picture.”

2.The revolt of the machines has started.

Translation: “Tha cash register is not a slave, sorry!”

1. Who’s there hiding behind the trees?

Is it easy to scare you or are you a hard nut to crack? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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