20+ Rare Celebrity Photos From the Past We Wish We’d Seen Earlier

20+ Rare Celebrity Photos From the Past We Wish We’d Seen Earlier

Just when you thought you saw all the undiscovered celebrity photographs from our previous article, we are here with even more! It’s a truly eye-opening phenomenon to look back at an era that captured the moments when a photograph was making history, especially when it comes to old legends! Scroll down to see a photo of Picasso in his studio with Brigitte Bardot, a photograph of Einstein in his first lecture, and Steve Jobs on his first motorcycle!

Here at info-ideal, we took a trip down celebrity memory lane to share some rare, never-before-seen photographs of celebrities that portray how they were in real life!

1. Dali walking in the streets of Paris with his pet anteater in 1969

2. Brigitte Bardot at 12 years old attending her ballet class in Paris, 1946

3. Pablo Picasso with Brigitte Bardot in his studio, 1954

4. Elvis Presley being drafted into the US Army, 1958

5. Albert Einstein giving his first lecture at the Institute of Advanced Study, 1950

6. Audrey Hepburn at the age of 11 auditioning for the first time, 1942

7. Marilyn Monroe at the opening of the USA Football game at Ebbets Field in 1959

8. Frank Sinatra painting a clown in 1949

9. David Bowie playing chess with Catherine Deneuve in 1983

10. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie working on the song We are the World in 1985

11. Jackie Kennedy with John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy at the beach, 1953

20+ Rare Celebrity Photos From the Past We Wish We’d Seen Earlier

12. Bob Dylan during his rehearsal for The Ed Sullivan Show in 1963

13. Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky having coffee in 1929

14. Sophia Lauren making a pizza in 1955

15. Madonna’s first appearance on TV where she hosted the show Saturday Night Live in 1985

16. Clint Eastwood mimicking a caricature in 1964

17. Decades before the iPad, Steve Jobs was riding an R60/2 BMW motorcycle in 1982.

18. Walt Disney sitting on the grass with his grandson in front of the Magic Castel at Disneyland, California, 1955

19. Frida Kahlo being photographed by her father who was a photographer in 1919

20. Muhammad Ali with Sylvester Stallone in 1980

21. The passport of Ernst Hemingway

22. Barack Obama on his high school basketball team in 1979

Which picture surprised you or touched you the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Preview photo credit histoline.com, histoline.com

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