21 Surreal Photos Taken Only With Pure Luck

21 Surreal Photos Taken Only With Pure Luck

No matter how good a photographer you are, sometimes all it takes is being at the right place at the right moment. Every second 729 photos are posted to Instagram and only a few of them are perfectly timed.

Here at info-ideal, we are ’perfectly timing’ this compilation of pics where people were at the right place at right time.

1. Fight!

2. When an angel walks in:

3. When the timing is just right:

21 Surreal Photos Taken Only With Pure Luck

4. “Was taking random pictures of my mother and this came out… pretty terrifying.”

21 Surreal Photos Taken Only With Pure Luck

5. “I’m into this book,” she said.

6. It’s just beautiful.

7. “Out of all the perfectly timed photos, this one trips me out the most.”

8. This Indian Advertising company though…

9. Job eligibility: should be a perfect match with our desk.

10. This man has unexpectedly smooth legs.

11. “This guy’s earbuds made a treble clef.”

12. “A dragonfly landed on my friends foot and mirrored its own tattoo.”

13. When she says, I like guys who laugh at my jokes.

14. “The wine glass projected the flag in the window on to the table.”

15. “Took a perfectly timed photo of my brother shooting a basketball. It blocked out the sun to make it look like a solar eclipse.”

16. “This photo was taken today at a fire in Doñana, Spain. Not all heroes wear capes.”

17. A bumblebee carrying the sun

18. Your Pisa trip is not complete without this one.

19. “This optical illusion makes my friend look like a giant.”

20. The Magic Carpet

21. This is where the phrase “Holy Sh*t” came from.

Wasn’t it an awesome compilation? If you’ve got this kind of perfectly timed photo drop it in the comments and don’t forget to tell us if you liked this.

Preview photo credit LFranceschi/reddit, unknown/imgur

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