The Internet is the perfect place for challenges of all calibers and lengths. From Ice Bucket to Bird Box, challenges come and go in waves, with some lingering for longer while others quickly become a thing of the past. Well, a new challenge has recently emerged and thank goodness it doesn’t involve wandering around the streets with a blindfold.

Today, it involves a bottle cap and some impressive martial art moves. Well, at least that’s where it began, considering that the challenge quickly changed its course with more and more humorous versions emerging.

A Taekwondo expert known as Master Fa first posted a video of himself kicking a cap of a bottle back on June 25. He then challenged Jason Statham, Conor McGregor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan to do the same. And as Statham and McGregor responded, the challenge took off and people of all sorts of backgrounds joined in.

Master Fa’s video challenged many celebrities and started it all

So, as regular kids and Internet peeps shared videos of their own takes at this physically demanding ordeal, the original martial arts theme of the challenge gained a completely new spin with comedic elements mixed in. After all, not everyone is a Taekwondo master or an MMA fighter, and amusing failures are bound to happen, intentionally or not.





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