22 Ingenious Packaging Designs That Make You Want To Buy Them All

22 Ingenious Packaging Designs That Make You Want To Buy Them All

22 Ingenious Packaging Designs That Make You Want To Buy Them All

We here at info-ideal strongly believe in a creative approach to everything, especially when it comes to packaging design. There’s nothing more rewarding for any designer than when a customer chooses to buy a product partly because of its great eye-catching packaging.

We compiled another small collection of the most creative, functional, and innovative packaging designs just for you. But be careful! You may feel the urgent need to buy them all!

Toilet paper

One true creative designer from Japan, Kazuaki Kawahara, Latona Marketing Inc., came up with the unique idea to make a fruit-like package for scented toilet paper.

A carton of milk in the style of Jack Daniel’s

Iceland-based advertising agency Ennemm packaged one liter of milk as a bottle of whiskey.


Chinese designers from Kee Wah Bakery restyled this box of cookies.

A bar of soap shaped like an ice cream

This packaging idea for milk soap was invented by the team at Ahhaproject. Be careful, as you may want to see how this ’ice cream’ tastes.

Magic Tape

Smart designers from the German advertising agency Kolle Rebbe developed a smart invisible package for ’Magic Tape.’ They inserted a thin mirror into the box and slightly tilted it. The tape itself was located behind, thus creating the visual effect of an empty box.

Fruit Loops

A group of Indian designers came up with this new concept and better package for the same old product.

Beer palette

Spanish agency Txaber created this colorful package for beer — as if it was a color palette, each type of beer has its own color.

Mask Spirit wine

Brandiziac Branding Agency, based in Russia, came up with this new idea to bottle wine.


This ORIKAMI set promotes creativity and encourages parents to buy origami as a birthday gift for their children.

A birthday chocolate

Invented by the Israeli BBR Saatchi & Saatchi agency.

’Alice in Wonderland’ gift box

Arianne Amores, a designer from Portugal, in the frame of her academic project, invented this magical gift box. It has a couple of small boxes inside that contain a treat, a small gift, and a note. Of course, the notes say, ’Eat me,’ ’Drink me,’ and many others, just like in Lewis Carroll’s ’Alice in Wonderland.’

Muesli Yousli

An ingenious design from Australian agency HubGroup.

Sweet treats

A joint project of French designer Olympia Le Tan and chocolatier Pierre Marcolini.

A set of sticky notes

Invented by the printing company Heret Printing.

Jenga board game package

Poland-based designers from Zupagrafika studio decided to turn the popular board game package into a small copy of the University of Economics in Pozan.

Animal gift wrap

The designers from Luckies of London, a British gift studio, came up with these cute wrapping ideas.


This is a student project from Canadian designer Laurence Grégoire. To start using your colored pencils, just snap one off.

Juice bottle

This package ’guarantees’ that the juice you’re about to drink is squeezed from natural fruits, so it’s healthy and fresh.

Perfume from mountains

These ’wild fragrances’ were bottled and packed by Indicate Design Group agency.

Flower packaging

The future of flower packaging.

The French fries box and the paper plate concept

The “little pocket” on the front of the box is there for you to squeeze your ketchup into it instead of onto a paper plate, whilst this pizza box lets you devour a slice without getting your hands messy.

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