22 Times Nature Made Us Scream “Wow!”

22 Times Nature Made Us Scream “Wow!”


It takes just a simple walk in the countryside to appreciate the beauty of nature at its finest. Few of us are lucky enough to have captured Earth’s incredible way of bewildering us, from finding an insect preserved for millions of years entombed in amber to seeing entire places swallowed in ice to finding greenery and rare atmospheric phenomena.

At Info-Ideal we love to share with you the rare beauty of our planet. This is why we selected some of the most precious, unrefined moments found on camera and we present them to you.

1. Lava from the 61g lava flow entering the ocean — a spectacular thing to watch.

2. This lenticular cloud looks like an alien spaceship ready to land.

3. Ball lightning is a potentially dangerous atmospheric electrical phenomenon and creates luminous spherical objects during storms.

4. People from all over the world gather to watch the red crab migration on Christmas Island every year.

5. This is a brinicle, an ice stalactite progressing downward from the sea level toward the seabed.

6. This giant tree might hide a whole city underneath.

7. A tree struck by lightning just hours before.

8. This giant sunflower looks very happy next to its gardener.

9. Nothing to see here, just a tree eating a stop sign.

10. This colorful pigeon looks like it came out of a painting.

11. This corn could easily be turned into a beaded bracelet.

12. These waves of clouds look like an ocean in the sky.

13. A raw bismuth on the left and a crystalline bismuth on the right that looks like a jewelry pin

14. Every single sunflower is facing the sun except for one.

15. This neon blue crab is so tiny, bright, and beautiful.

16. These trees joined together, forming a bridge for squirrels.

17. Little waves of snow got covered in glossy ice.

18. The Northern Lights in Norway look like green lava coming out of a volcano.

19. Standing inside Fingal’s Cave on Staffa is like entering another world.

20. Where 2 rivers, the Rhone and the Arve, meet

21. This tree’s roots spill out over the sidewalk.

22. A 30 million-year-old perfectly preserved mantis

Would you be brave enough to capture a photo of hot lava flowing into the ocean? We are not only boggled by nature, but by the photographers too. What’s your favorite nature photo you’ve ever taken? Share your pictures in the comments.

Preview photo credit fineart.ha.com

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22 Times Nature Made Us Scream “Wow!”

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