23 Ironic Pics That Prove Life Is So Unpredictable

23 Ironic Pics That Prove Life Is So Unpredictable

Unexpected irony can result in some pretty hilarious situations that can happen to any of us. Maybe it’s your dog chewing the no chew deterrent or an invisible deodorant spray that has disappeared from the shelves. Fortunately, some of these moments were captured on camera so we could all laugh about them together.

Info-Ideal gathered some of the best situational ironies that range from being intriguing to downright hilarious.

1. That pretty much kills half the joy of eating a fortune cookie.

23 Ironic Pics That Prove Life Is So Unpredictable

2. Choose wisely.

3. Wow, it really works.

4. The deeper meaning here is that nothing lasts forever.

5. We hope it performs better with actual food.

6. We have to applaud the author’s sense of humor.

7. I’m sure this dog is still a very good boy.

8. This is actually kind of genius.

9. That doesn’t look stressful at all.

10. “No job is so simple that it cannot be done wrong”. Point taken.

11. Clearly.

12. You can’t have everything in life.

13. Talk about not taking a hint.

14. A cactus growing out of a water pipe is, in fact, a bit poetic.

15. Rebelling against the system!

16. This is not a good look for either architecture or planning.

17. When you look up “things to do” in London and one of the suggestions is visiting a whole other country:

18. When you take things way too literally:

19. A classic case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

20. Poor choice of words

21. This person is either clueless or an evil genius.

22. Lesson learned.

23. Defying the rules

Which situation was the most ironic to you? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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23 Ironic Pics That Prove Life Is So Unpredictable

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