23 Superb Space-Saving Design Ideas for a Small Apartment

23 Superb Space-Saving Design Ideas for a Small Apartment

Having a tiny apartment is not a problem — you just need to organize it right. And then your modest residence will become perfectly suitable for living, working, partying and everything else you want to do! And you can do all of this in considerable comfort and, dare we say it, in style.

info-ideal found 23 smart ideas to help you organize your small apartment.

A fold-down table

It won’t take up a lot of space and you can just unfold the table whenever you need a place to work.

There are some good DIY options for this idea as well

A free standing shoe rack

Makes it easy to see and access your shoes, without taking up a lot of space.

A convertible armchair-bed/futon

Perfect if you prefer a minimalistic approach

A magnetic ironing mat

Put it on your washing machine or any other metal surface if you don’t have an ironing board around.

A bookcase-staircase

This will fit into the smallest spaces

Beautifully stacked chairs with a table

This table along with four chairs can be folded into a stylish ’cocoon’

Four rocking chairs in one

This ’Russian doll’ version of your chair can sit four adults

A hidden dog bowl in a drawer

Just close the drawer when your pet is done with their dinner!

Window blinds that fold up like a rack

Perfect for smaller items of clothing

Chairs and tables that fit into a shelf

You can hide a couple of tables and four chairs in there, not just books and dishes!

A sofa bunk bed

This is perfect for having a sleepover with friends

Sectional wall bed

The sectional couch stays in place while the wall bed folds over the sofa.

A dining table and chairs you can pack away

Here it is! No more mismatched chairs and borrowed stools

A knife-within-a-knife

Easy to use, and they look so stylish.

A convertible sofa

In case you were planning on throwing a tea party for your friends

A hollow chair

Forget bookcases. With this chair, your favourite books will always be within reach!

A dining and pool table combo

A quick round of pool is now so much easier to organise.

The ironing board-mirror

Iron you clothes and see how they look on you straight away

A baby changing table + care product storage

You can keep everything you might need folded away inside

Magnetic stickers

These are both fun and practical

An over-the-sink cutting board

Chop, rinse and drain food all in one go

Mason jar bathroom storage

Keep your smaller beauty supplies in these cool jars

Wooden crates that stack up as bathroom storage

Paint a few wooden crates in bright colors and use them as shelves. They won’t take up a lot of space, and you can always rearrange them later if you need to.

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