27 Inspiring Home Ideas for Millionaires

27 Inspiring Home Ideas for Millionaires

What would you do if you became a millionaire? Imagine what would your life be like if you won the lottery? Would you travel around the world? Buy an expensive yacht and your own private jet? How about building or buying a 20,000 foot square mansion? Being a millionaire and all, you would still need a place to call home. Money can’t buy everything….but it can certainly add taste and style to your life. We’ve found these 27 unusual and inspirational ideas to add some extra individuality to your millionaire’s mansion! Of course you could tone it down just a little bit, and maybe we can just provide you with a little inspiration for your own present home.

1-A scenic backyard rain shower for those hot summer days

Image Credits: ConceptrendsImage Credits: Conceptrends

This rain shower brings the feeling of the rainforest to your own backyard, accentuated by big leafy trees, bamboo fencing, timber walkway and forest-themed accessories.

2-This bookshelf opens up to reveal a hidden room

Image Credits: TumblrImage Credits: Tumblr

According to novels set in medieval times, secret rooms and passages existed in many a substantial house. Well there is less of a need nowadays so this secret bookshelf will add a special element to your home. Perhaps yours could also lead to a discrete passage to the outside world as many historic novels depicted?

3-…inside a secret library where you could store more books with a secret storage compartment beneath the bed

Image Credits: Home TriangleImage Credits: Home Triangle

Everybody today needs a space to ‘get away from it all’ but not all of us are lucky enough to have that luxury. Imagine the joy you could get from having your own secret room packed full of books where you could escape, both physically and mentally.

4-A four-sided Lego room with unlimited potential for creativity

Image Credits: HGTVImage Credits: HGTV

Now that you’re a millionaire you don’t have to get up at 6 am in the morning to catch your ride to work and instead you will have a lot of time to kill…..You will be surprised by the number of ideas you can get while creating your own Lego city. The problem is, how will you keep the kids out of your Lego room? Of course if you were a millionaire we’re reckon you’d make sure they had their own one.

5-A romantic fireplace that serves both the bathroom and bedroom

Image Credits: EldoradostoneImage Credits: Eldoradostone

Maybe being rich will allow you more time for romance and creating that right atmosphere at home. This romantic fireplace will set the perfect mood whether you are in the bedroom or bathroom.

6-A huge backyard tree house with patio and balcony (great for both kids and adults!)

Image Credits: Bob CoscarelliImage Credits: Bob Coscarelli

With the cash available, it is time to realize your childhood dreams. This amazing tree house could be the perfect spot for family and friends to gather on those balmy summer nights.

7-An actual creek that flows peacefully under the house

Image Credits: Timber Home LivingImage Credits: Timber Home Living

A millionaire’s house needs the use of plenty of imagination in its design. This actual creek flowing under the glass floor will add a sense of uniqueness and connection with nature to your special home.

8-This ultra-secret bedroom closet water slide leads to a luxurious indoor pool

Image Credits: Tower Gaming NationImage Credits: Tower Gaming Nation

9- A swimming pool that doubles as a home theater

Image Credits: UnknownImage Credits: Unknown

Can you imagine the joy of rolling out of bed and tumbling into a water slide which jettisons you into your immaculate swimming pool located below your bedroom? Now you’ve no excuse for not getting fit and healthy!

10-Your own mini-golf course & putting green nestled between rooms

Image Credits: ArchitizerImage Credits: Architizer

A millionaire still needs to keep active. This custom-made mini-golf course will help you stay in shape while enjoying the fresh air in your own backyard.

11-A gigantic two-story closet for your infinite collection of shoes, clothes, and more shoes.

Image Credits: Bianca B.Image Credits: Bianca B.

They say that women can never have enough shoes. This is totally wrong. When you are rich, you can never have enough shoes or clothes, whether you are a man or a woman. That’s why we brought you this great closet idea.

12-These fun, space-saving guest bunks

Image Credits: UnknownImage Credits: Unknown

Well, Ok…. Maybe you haven’t got the 20,000 square foot mansion yet but you are on your way there. Meanwhile, you still want to have midnight parties and sleepovers. These space-saving guest bunks will do until you get your 100-room mansion.

13-An entire room dedicated to sleepovers with a fireplace and 50″ projection screen

Image Credits: Pin home ideasImage Credits: Pin home ideas

Great parties are about mingling and spending quality time with friends, so who wants the fun to end? Invite your guests to this gigantic room with the huge projection screen and let them fall asleep if they can’t stand the pace. They will thank you in the morning.

14-A staircase that doubles as a slide for the kids

Image Credits: Home DesigningImage Credits: Home Designing

Kids will just be kids. If you have the potential to create the fun of an amusement park in your own hallway then you have no excuse not to do so.

15-An intricate, gravity defying cat transit system……..

Image Credits: VivasImage Credits: Vivas

Your pet cat is always there for you, whether you rent a studio or own a manor house. So don’t forget to have fun creating something ultra-special for your four-legged friends too.

16-…..in every single room of the house.

Image Credits: ImgurImage Credits: Imgur

Well, you won’t keep your friends confined to one room or the outside now, will you?

17-A tree house themed kid’s room, where the bed is inside the tree house.

Image Credits: DornobImage Credits: Dornob

Kids just want to have fun. If you have the money and the creativity, the sky is the limit, so how about an indoor tree house for starters?

18-These useful, discreet vacuum baseboards.

Image Credits: aerusvacuumsImage Credits: aerusvacuums

Ooh! Useful and practical household gadgets! Why worry about noisy vacuum cleaners creating a disturbance throughout the house when you can have this discreet skirting-board vacuum system installed?

19-Kitchen walls that lift up to reveal the swimming pool.

Image Credits: Drawing DeptImage Credits: Drawing Dept

The secret of a good home design is the ability to connect indoors and out. Well what better way than to be able to elevate the walls of your kitchen to reveal your outdoor swimming pool?.

20-A three-story climbing wall built into the stairwell.

Image Credits: EldowallsImage Credits: Eldowalls

Kill time and stay fit with this amazing 3 story climbing wall fitted into the stairwell. Now this is a seriously clever and imaginative use of indoor space.

21-This amazing space-saving bookshelf for your office.

Image Credits: PeerflixImage Credits: Peerflix

This stunning space-saving bookshelf adds style and character to your office, though we haven’t quite worked out how you get a book down from off the top shelf!

22-A small, cozy reading nook under the stairs for quiet afternoons.

Image Credits: Brooklyn Berry DesignsImage Credits: Brooklyn Berry Designs

Maybe having such a big house means you have lost a sense of coziness, somewhere to curl up with a good book and feel safe and secure. How about using the space under the stairs to install some comfy seating and perhaps a window to the outside where you can dream a little and watch the world go by?

23-Useful hidden storage areas beneath the guest room floor.

Image Credits: Search HomeImage Credits: Search Home

Money can buy pretty much anything… so now you’re going to need extra storage space to store everything. These hidden storage areas might just be the answer.

24-A secret agent-like popup garage that you’ll want to show off to every guest.

Image Credits: UnknownImage Credits: Unknown

This jaw dropping elevator garage will leave all your guests filled with amazement. You might as well keep a Batman car prototype inside….

25-A playroom & living room to encourage more family time.

Image Credits: Gabriel BuildersImage Credits: Gabriel Builders

Nothing in the world will make up for the quality time you can spend with your kids, and this kid-friendly living/playroom is the perfect spot for this.

26-How about a secret playroom with a hidden, kid-sized entrance?

Image Credits: RedditImage Credits: Reddit

Your kids might be into a little hide and seek game…..this hidden room with a kid-sized entrance is the perfect place for them to hide.

27-A quiet reflection pond and comfy hammock

Image Credits: Home Design CornerImage Credits: Home Design Corner

Whether you want to meditate, relax, come up with a new business plan or get connected with your inner self….this is the perfect spot.

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