Every single one of us knows someone, who has been chasing for the Northern Lights. Some of you have looked at those images and thought why should one plan such a long and exhausting journey when this phenomenon can be comfortably seen from TV or Youtube. Well, there is a little that can be transferred over digital media compared to actually experiencing probably the grandest show that nature has to offer.

We are a small family based organization concentrating to fulfill your bucket list. With 1000+ tours on our belt, we have already done all the rookie mistakes and can almost guarantee to find you the Northern Lights, with the previous year’s success rate between 94-98%. Besides Northern Lights, there is so much more like Tromsø, Northern Norway that we can offer.

All the photos were taken during the actual Northern Lights tours. For more photos and information, visit our Instagram, Facebook, and also our website.

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Rolling stones and Aurora are always a good match.


Aurora is making some of the high peaks look like stones on the ground.


Spruce reaching out to the Aurora Borealis.


Aurora making mountains look like flatland, again.


Auroras and reflections always work, don’t they?


Green mountain cheetah, the regular.


Sometimes the starry skies steal the show.


Can you imagine living in this village, sprinkled by The Northern Lights above your head every now and then?


I find it to be such a cliché when people with awesome jobs write under their photos: “Another day at the office”.


Beautiful rose corona.


Tromsø has everything and more for a landscape photographer.


I hope the government was told that there was a nuclear explosion nearby. Another Aurora passing by.


Let the photo do the talking.




Best time of the year to join our Northern Lights tour – autumn!


Crazy, even the snow is green!


Pink’s new performance in Arctic Circle – what a show!


Most people see an angel in this image. Do you see it?


Not only Lapland has tress covered with a snow in a fantastic way.


Another explosive Aurora corona – it’s amazing how different they can be, right?


Her bucket list got ticked.


Can barely see any stars through this awesome strong Northern Lights.

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What a way to celebrate love!


This time the land is cracking open and Northern Lights are pouring out.


Pretty epic shadows created by Aurora Borealis.


I don’t even know what happened this time in the skies.


Another time there was some green snow.


Shooting star is heading straight to the collision.


Numerous people have confessed to be infected by Aurora virus after seeing exploding Northern Lights above their heads.

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Spectator. Doesn’t she look like a mini-person next to those Northern Lights?