6 Brilliant Hacks for Hard to Open Things


6 Brilliant Hacks for Hard to Open Things

6 Brilliant Hacks for Hard to Open Things

6 Brilliant Hacks for Hard to Open ThingsThere is nothing that annoys me more than not being able to open a jar or a bottle or a package.  Okay, the one thing that actually annoys me more is asking someone else for help doing it.  I mean, what makes them any more competent and clever than me?  And they may not say they are cleverer, but every time, I just know they are thinking it.  Otherwise they wouldn’t look so pleased with themselves for getting the darn thing open.

Well, now it’s my turn to look and feel clever!  But I’m humble enough to say that I’m only standing on the shoulders of giants.  I just found this awesome video which teaches you six quick and clever hacks for getting all kinds of stubborn packaging open—everything from nail polish bottles to pickles jars to clamshell packaging for electronics.

Next time, you’ll be the one that someone else asks for help with a difficult package, and they will watch in awe as you open it in the blink of an eye! Eager to expand your lifehack arsenal? Head over our “lifehacks” section and master these easy tricks.

Video by Buzzfeedblue.

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