9 New Beauty Devices We Want to Try Right Now

9 New Beauty Devices We Want to Try Right Now

The time and money that some people spend on beauty services can be invested in other important things like for example, travel or education. Many companies understand this and invent devices that will help you save your valuable resources. So, a vacuum cleaner for blackheads will avert the need to buy tons of cleansing masks, and a gadget based on NASA research will rejuvenate the skin around your eyes.

info-ideal gathered 9 gadgets that can completely change your beauty routine.

1. Blackhead vacuum remover

The problem of blackheads is known to many people, regardless of age or lifestyle. If you are tired of scrubbing your skin or seeking help from a beautician, pay attention to this device. It can be compared to a tiny vacuum cleaner. Under high pressure, it sucks grease and dirt from the pores leaving problem areas clean and smooth.

2. A smart mask that can replace all your other masks

This gadget, from the Swedish brand Foreo, was created to shorten the use of fabric masks and increase their effect. UFO treats the skin with temperature (cold and hot), LED therapy (blue, green and red lights), and pulsations. Thus, the procedure time is reduced from 20 minutes to 90 seconds.

3. A device that rejuvenates skin around the eyes

Talika made this gadget based on NASA research on the positive effects of light waves on the skin. So this device for the area around the eyes, called Time Control, emits orange, green, red, and blue light, which reduces facial wrinkles and has a lifting effect. It also emits ions that reduce pigmentation. In addition, the device vibrates, improving blood circulation and enhancing the effect of cosmetics.

4. Rotating makeup brush

The American company blendSMART invented a rotating brush for applying foundation and powder. This device contributes to less consumption and a thinner application of cosmetics.

5. Makeup brush cleaner

This brush cleaner only needs 30 seconds to clean one brush. Its mechanism resembles a mixer. All you have to do is pour the cleaning fluid into the container and put the brush in there. Voila!

6. Beauty steamer

This steam generator for home spa care will help you to steam and moisturize the skin on your face, neck, and hands. This device is very compact. It can generate hot and cold steam, and you can also use it as a humidifier.

7. LED tweezers

These tweezers will be a real salvation for those who are tired of looking for good lighting. Bright LED lights provide additional illumination of the plucking area. With it, you can get rid of unwanted hairs on the face and eyebrows, even in the dark.

8. Skinscanner

Skinscanner simultaneously takes enlarged images of the skin and measures the moisture content in it due to the humidity detector. Then the Skin 360 app, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms in its work, analyzes the data obtained, assesses the condition of the skin, and shows how it can be improved.

9. Skin track UV patch

A product called My UV Patch is manufactured by La Roche-Posay. This temporary blue heart tattoo contains microchips and photosensitive ink that changes color depending on the strength of UV light. It is water resistant and can stay on your skin for 3 to 5 days. All data is sent to your smartphone and displayed on a mobile app.

Which beauty gadget do you want to buy? Tell us in the comments!

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