A Food Blogger Develops a Way to Eat Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight, Dieticians Approve

A Food Blogger Develops a Way to Eat Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight, Dieticians Approve

A popular food blogger, Rebecca Raben, claims there is no need to be on a diet in order to have a slim shape. She refuses to deprive herself of anything and eats whatever she feels like. And it turns out that dieticians are on the same page with her.

We at info-ideal studied Rebecca’s approach carefully, and were delighted by how simple and brave it is and we are eager to share it with you.

Rebecca runs a popular Instagram account called “i_actually_ate_that” that has almost 79,000 followers. As the name might suggest, on this page she posts about the foods she eats on a regular basis.

Those foods look mouth-watering and appetite-awaking but have a lot of calories. Despite this fact, she manages to stay slim and gladly reveals her secret.

Rebecca says that it’s all about not restricting and depriving herself of the food she wants to eat. If she feels like eating pizza, she’ll do it. If she’s craving a cheeseburger or shrimp, she allows herself to have it.

In one of her recent interviews, Raben said that she was raised on the principle of eating what she was craving — whether that was a pepperoni pizza late at night, a juicy hamburger, or tacos, she was never deprived of fulfilling her cravings.

In the same interview, the food blogger confessed that she treats food as something she enjoys and not something she scarfs down. She always finds enough time to savor the taste of the food she is eating at the moment and tries to not rush through her meals.

Many registered dieticians support Rebecca. For example, Beth Warren, the author of Living a Real Life with Real Food and the founder of Beth Warren Nutrition says that restrictions on the food you love don’t help you to sustain your weight or your wishes. All because it’s the mindful attitude to the amount of food one consumes, rather than what exactly a person eats, that plays a major role in dieting. One should treat food thoughtfully.

Another dietician, Alissa Rumsey, agrees with Rebecca as well and says that it’s easier for people to sustain the right balance in eating when they are not restricted and limited in their choices. Alissa claims it’s even possible to lose weight following this method because when a person knows they have no restrictions on food and can eat it at any moment, oftentimes, they end up not eating it at all.

As we have mentioned above, there are some precautions a person should keep in mind when choosing this style of eating. Of course, everything should be done in moderation. The fact that you want to eat something and can, doesn’t mean that you should eat it in enormous amounts. Just like anything else in life, your food portions should be moderate and sensible. There is a difference between relishing every bite of what you’re craving and eating it all the time without any measure.

All in all, eat everything you want, but remember to be mindful about moderation, let your mind and stomach enjoy the absence of restrictions, and indulge yourself.

What are some foods you’ve been craving to eat for a long time but were afraid to? Are you going to eat them now? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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