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A Japanese Company Will Turn Your Dead Pet Into A Pearl

Anyone who has ever lost a pet will know how Earth-shatteringly heartbreaking it is – often much worse than losing an actual family member.

Well, if you can’t bear to part with your furry friend, then how about turning the little guy into a fancy pearl necklace? Because death shouldn’t stand between you and fashion.

But how is this all possible, I hear you ask. Well, a Japanese firm has developed a method of using bone fragment from your pet to create a cultured pearl, so you can have your dog or cat bay your side long after they have shuffled off to the farm in the sky.

The process takes a year to complete and will set you back £3,300 – but you can’t put a price on love, can you?

You can now keep your deceased pet close to you long after they've copped it. Credit: PA
You can now keep your deceased pet close to you long after they’ve copped it. Credit: PA

Speaking to Japanese news outlet Yomiuri Shimbun, the head of the firm behind the pearls Tomoe Masuda, said: “If we can soothe the grief of the owners who have lost their pets, we will be glad.”

And though cultured pearls are nothing new in Japan, the use of them for dead pets is.

It was first developed by Yoshiki Matsushita, a professor at Nagasaki University’s graduate school of fisheries and environmental sciences, who was distraught after losing his own dog – a Jack Russel named Ran.

He said: “Each pearl has its own character, as my dog Ran had his own character. He has become a unique treasure.”

So how does it work? A fragment of the pet’s bone is inserted into a ball of resin, making it more likely to be accepted by the oyster.

Pearls from your pet will set you back £3,300. Credit: PA
Pearls from your pet will set you back £3,300. Credit: PA

And over time the balls are cared for and nurtured by the oyster before it becomes big enough to be turned into jewellery.

But if this doesn’t sound like it’s for you, don’t worry, why wait until your dog is dead to immortalise them? You can now get custom-made slippers that look just like your dog.

The folks at Cuddle Clones use a photograph of your pet to create a life-like image – and they also do cat versions as well!

But just like the pearls, these things don’t come on the cheap; you will have to dig deep £155 ($200) deep, in fact, if you want to be rolling around in these bad boys.

You really probably shouldn’t though.

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