AFL Player Patrick Kerr Completes The Bottle Cap Challenge In Most Aussie Way Possible

Ever since the Bottle Cap Challenge kicked off (pun intended), everyone has been trying to up the ante to get the best video.

If you’ve been living under a rock all week, the challenge involves a person trying to kick off a bottle cap using a roundhouse kick. Since a kick like that started becoming boring, people have been using different means to get the cap off.

It looks like Carlton forward Patrick Kerr has taken the cake with the most Aussie way possible.

The AFL player uploaded a video of his attempt to Twitter, where he not only completed the challenge but looked as Aussie as can be.

Donned in footy shorts, boots, a kharki shirt and hat, Paddy Kerr pops what appears to be a VB stubby on the floor and gets his whip ready. Without skipping a beat, Kerr cracks the whip, sending the cap flying and creating an almost TV commercial level of beer foam rising from the bottle.

Even he seems a bit impressed with himself after the cap comes off. It doesn’t matter if it took him a million times to get the crack just right, no one can deny that it’s impressive.

He’s one of many people who have attempted the challenge, with some people finding success and others…not so much.

Singer Ellie Goulding nailed it after actor Jason Statham’s went viral.

The 32-year-old posted the short video on to her Instagram alongside the caption: “This challenge is way too much of a [sausage] fest for my liking.”

She went on to nominate the likes of Stella McCartney and Cara Delevingne to join the club.

She also used the Instagram post to highlight the lack of her use of plastic, writing: “STOP USING PLASTIC BOTTLES SUCKERS,” which could be seen as both a dig at her capabilities compared to the men and also a declaration of her environmental stance.

But then there are those that have failed miserably and one of those people is Ryan Reynolds.

In the video, the gin can be seen making its way to him; he immediately knows what he has to do and takes the challenge on fearlessly.

However, the bottle goes absolutely flying and he can be seen making a swift exit.

Of course, he happens to own the gin company, so he’s probably not too short on bottles to give it another go. Maybe he could attempt it again in Deadpool 3.

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Written by Alan Smith

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