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‘Alan Wake 2’ Likely If It Can Be Done Right, Says Studio Director

In an interview with IGN, Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake – aka the original face of Max Payne – has revealed that the studio absolutely wants to make a sequel to 2010’s revered Alan Wake. But if it’s going to happen, it’s going to have to be special.

“I want to make it,” Lake said. “It’s a curious thing. At this point, so much time has passed. I feel that the bar is higher in some ways. [The sequel] needs to be done right, if it’s ever done.”

At the start of July 2019 it was reported that the rights to Alan Wake, as a gaming property, had reverted to Remedy after previously being with Microsoft – Alan Wake, its DLC and its digital-only spin-off Alan Wake’s American Nightmare only released for Xbox 360 and (much later for) PC. Hence anyone speaking to Remedy now – the studio has its next title, Control, coming out at the end of August – asking about the Wake situation.

“Everything needs to click into place, which is really hard to make happen,” Lake continued. “So many things, for these big games to be greenlit, need to be aligned. But I’m hoping that someday…”

This echoes comments made by Remedy’s Mikael Kasurinen, Control‘s game director, who said that Alan Wake is a series “very dear to us, and close to our hearts”. As reported by PCGamesN, he continued: “We all love Alan Wake at Remedy, and I think all of us want to see a new Alan Wake game.”

Remedy can now publish Alan Wake and American Nightmare on other platforms, like PlayStation 4 and Switch – which the studio could well do, to test the water ahead of any sequel-proper development. Probably don’t hold your breath right now for Alan Wake 2, then, but it seems like the right “many things” are indeed aligning, to make it so.

Before then comes Control, which is crucial to Remedy’s 2019. A single-player action-adventure in the same vein as Alan Wake and Quantum Break, everything I’ve played of it fills me with confidence that this is another high-quality Remedy experience, immersive and ambitious and just a little bit creepy. (Okay, it’s very creepy, this one.) You can read more about Control in our interview with its game director and narrative designer.

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