An Avocado Hotel Room Is Opening Up In Australia

For many Australians, avocados are the goddamn, bloody best addition to any meal.

They’re delicious, nutritious, they look funky on the outside and inside and they’re just great. So for some people, this announcement will be the best news you’ll hear all month.

An avocado shaped hotel is opening up on Sydney Harbour.


You’re probably thinking: what’s the catch, this sounds way too good to be true. Well, sadly this delicious looking room is only open for two nights. No, not just two nights per person; it’s literally in town for just 48 hours and then it’s gone.

I know, why would they do that to the good people of Sydney.

So, as a result, you have to be pretty quick with your fingers when the booking becomes available to secure on July 29.

The press release for the offer says: “Located at Campbell’s Cove Lookout at Sydney’s Circular Quay for a limited time, the Avo-Condo is a custom-built, self-contained condo, which resembles half an avocado on the outside and is complete with avocado-themed furnishings on the inside – all with a world-class view.


“For two nights, lucky travellers will have the chance to live the ultimate millennial’s dream and experience an once-in-a-lifetime sleepover overlooking the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House inside a giant avocado! Guests will also enjoy a hamper of avocado-themed goodies during their stay.”

Literally lolling at the idea that sleeping in an avocado-shaped hotel is a milennial’s dream when I’m sure affordable permanent housing is higher on the list.

Maybe was just being cheeky.

The website’s Australian area manager Luke Wilson added: “Inspired by the world’s obsession with all things avocado, the Avo-Condo is a fun, quintessentially Australian experience like no other. With more than 6 million holiday homes, apartments and other unique stays available on, there’s something for everyone to discover!”

Now, if avocados aren’t your thing and you prefer a bit of a drink, then this tequila themed stay might be up your alley.

Credit: Matices Hotel de Barrica/
Credit: Matices Hotel de Barrica/

Credit: Matices Hotel de Barrica/
Credit: Matices Hotel de Barrica/

The Matices Hotel de Barricas in Mexico lets guests stay in a barrel – my dream – with its own mini bar and is situated right next to a distillery, which could be dangerous.

If you fancy lining your stomach at some point, there’s also a restaurant in a cave five-metres below ground, which is serving up ‘traditional regional food, as well as a range of drinks and tequila-based cocktails’. Sounds good to me.

The hotel is located in… Tequila, obviously, within an agave – the plant used to make the spirit – field.

Those who are feeling brave can go on a tour of the distillery, where you can take part in tasting and even make your very own personalised bottle of tequila. Nice.

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