An Etiquette Guide On How To Behave In Every Scenario By Ovie Soko

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Love Island‘s Ovie Soko is a shining example of manhood.

The 28-year-old has had his fair share of tests in the villa, and each time he’s come up sparkling, whether that’s dealing with rejection like a boss, calling out his mates for their bad behaviour towards women, or dealing with snakes in the kind of calm, cool, collected manner we could only dream of emulating.

The series might be over, but we’ll be channelling Ovie in every situation life throws at us from here on out – and you should too. Here are some lessons we’re taking with us…

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

How to handle rejection

Answer: Remain calm, respect the new relationship, and don’t hold grudges.

We first met Ovie in Casa Amor when Anna Vakili, 29, quickly fell for his six foot seven stature and natural charms, coupling up with him and leaving Jordan Hames, 24, single at the recoupling.

However, Anna soon realised she still had feelings for Jordan and jumped ship after a tense showdown with Ovie, in which she blatantly tried to turn the breakdown of their relationship on him by bringing up the fact he said Joanna Chimonides “knows whats she wants”, cutting him off at every opportunity and calling him “ridiculous”.

Instead of rising to it, Ovie decided to remove himself from the situation, telling Jordan he could “have her”. Afterwards, Ovie didn’t try to make a play for Anna, respecting her new relationship. He also remained a true gent, pulling her in for a hug when she told him she’d be sleeping outside with Jordan.

Rejection is hard, but handle it like Ovie, and you’ll come off looking like the bigger person.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

How to call your mate out for behaving badly

Answer: Don’t attack them and try to get them to see the situation from the other side.

We’ve all been there; our mate has acted like a bit of an idiot and they need to be told, yet calling them out on it feels too awkward and ultimately more hassle than it’s worth. But there are ways to go about it, and Ovie showed how you can go about the conversation when he called out Michael Griffiths for his treatment of Amber Gill.

Taking to the beanbags, Ovie questioned the 27-year-old firefighter about his approach to his conversation with the 21-year-old beautician (in which Michael told Amber to “sit down”) in a calm, non-accusatory way.

Ovie asked: “Can you honestly say, man-to-man, that the way you are speaking to me now, is the way you spoke to her yesterday?” before probing further: “The exact way you told her to ‘sit down’, the exact way you spoke to her yesterday, if that had been your marge or your sister and you were standing right there, would you have just let that conversation run, honestly?”

He must have clearly given his friend some food for thought, as directly after Michael decided to pull Amber aside to apologise.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

How to be best friends with the opposite sex

Answer: Listen to their problems, and pick them up when they’re down.

Some say you can’t be best friends with the opposite sex without someone catching feelings, but quite frankly that’s rubbish – and Ovie and Amber’s relationship is solid proof.

The pair bonded right off the bat when Ovie comforted the Geordie after Michael left her for Joanna. They then formed a ‘friends couple’ when Anna jumped ship to be with Jordan, and soon became villa BFFs.

Ovie took her hand when Amber wanted to talk, had her back when Michael treated her badly, and finally, smiled for her when Greg O’Shea came in and swept her off her feet.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

What to do when someone tries to steal your girl

Even the best of us would have something to say if a so-called ‘friend’ attempted to crack on with the person we’re seeing in plain sight – but not Ovie.

When Jordan pulled Ovie’s love interest India Reynolds for a chat as she was sat right beside him, he let her go without even questioning it.

However, things soon got heated when Jordan’s then-girlfriend Anna Vakili stormed over to confront Jordan, as India sat awkwardly in the firing line. Ovie calmly walked over, took India by the hand, and removed her from the argument, as the pair sat as far away from the screaming match as possible.

Yep, we all wish we were a bit more like Ovie.

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