Armed Services committee chair: Democrats don’t trust Trump to implement ‘humane’ immigration policy

 Armed Services committee chair: Democrats don't trust Trump to implement 'humane' immigration policy

House Armed Services Committee Chair (D-Wash.) said Sunday that resolving issues on the U.S. border with Mexico requires a “humane” approach that Democrats do not trust to implement.

“Democrats do not trust this president to implement a humane policy when it comes to the immigrants,” Smith said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday.




“There is a crisis on the border, no question. The president’s policies have contributed to that crisis. His maximum pressure campaign on immigrants has led a lot of people in Central America to think this is their last chance of ever getting into America,” he added.

Smith added that Trump’s push to cut off foreign aid to the same Central American nations that have been the source of the recent influx of migrants has also exacerbated the crisis.

“We can’t trust this president with the money we give him to not use it for the wrong purposes,” he said.

“We need a better more humane policy to address what is legitimately a crisis. What’s going on with the children and the families at the border right now is unacceptable in this country. And we must work to fix it,” Smith told CBS’ Margaret Brennan.

The weekend saw reports of unsanitary and dangerous conditions at detention facilities for migrants, including four toddlers sent to the hospital last week after being held at a Border Patrol facility. Vice President said earlier Sunday that conditions illustrated why “Congress needs to act” on an immigration deal.


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