‘Bachelorette’ Trades Drama For Bologna

The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” just want to be real and honest with you.

Emma Gray and guest host Leigh Blickley break down the emotional rollercoaster of this week’s “The Bachelorette.” From the bologna fiasco involving Luke P. and Garrett to the heartbreaking exit of a fan favorite, Amsterdam put Hannah through the wringer.

Tyler C.’s stomach was also put to the test when a small bite of a Dutch delicacy turned his tummy upside-down.

As always, there are some superlatives to award. This week’s include who should never try to predict the future (Garrett’s cringe-y confidence led to his awkward downfall) and who might convince their parents to go to therapy (don’t tell Hannah’s mom and dad). Plus, we’re zeroing in on who might just win it all.

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