Bar Uses Facial Recognition To See Who’s Next In Queue

We’ve all been there: staring at the dreaded bar queue hoping that it’ll go down the more you glare. You just have to bite the bullet and get in there before it grows anymore.

Then just as the light at the end of the tunnel comes into sight – BAM – some big bloke you don’t fancy a row with slams his palm down on to the woodwork and orders 16 Jägerbombs, six pints, eight cocktails. The bartender serves him because… well, he’s ‘first’.

If you don’t have the tactics mastered (eye contact, a slight shove here or there and one hand – at least – on the bar) then navigating your way to a drink can be a tricky affair.

But that could all now be a thing of the past because software has been developed and deployed at 5cc Harrild & Sons cocktail bar in London to ensure that customers are being served in the right order.

According to the Evening Standard, there is a webcam fitted near the bar area with face scanners to keep tabs on new arrivals. Each customer is assigned a number telling the bartender who will be up next.

People are numbered depending on who 'got there first'. Credit:  DataSparQ
People are numbered depending on who ‘got there first’. Credit: DataSparQ

Bosses at the bar have claimed that installing the system has already reduced serving times.

Not only does the software tell you where in the queue you are, meaning you know when you’re getting served, there will also be an approximate time as well.

Also, the technology – which has been invented by data science experts DataSparQ – is said to help speed up ID checks as the computer ‘knows’ when a customer looks under 25 by scanning hundreds of bio-metric data points.

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Written by Alan Smith

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