California governor predicts ‘xenophobic’ GOP will likely be third party in 15 years

California Gov. (D) predicted in a new interview that the GOP will be a third party in America within the next 10 to 15 years due to its “xenophobia” and “hypermasculinity.”

Newsom told Axios said the Republican Party is “finished.”


“Here’s the real story: The Republican Party was walked off a cliff, they’re third-party status,” Newsom said, referring to Republicans in California, who once held power in the state in the 1990s before falling out of favor in the last two decades. “That’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing and , who is completely complicit, is doing to the Republican Party nationally.”

He added that “they don’t even know what’s about to hit them.”

Newsom asserted that sold white, rural communities in America a false bill of goods in the lead-up to the 2016 election, alleging they were lied to and used as a “pawn.”

“They’re not being respected, they’re being lied to, they’re not connected to any movement. You think Trump cares about them?” Newsom asked. “We’re actually ginning up more anxiety, more fear, which makes communities less safe. They are getting a completely raw deal.”

He said Trump’s formula for wooing white, working-class voters that largely led him to victory in 2016 is nostalgia.

As governor of the most populous state in the nation, Newsom has used his platform to be a vocal critic of Trump and the GOP.

Last week, he said the Republican Party is headed “into the waste bin of history” if it continues down its current path.

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