Camila Cabello Shares Message About Following ‘Your Heart’ And Social Media Is Convinced It’s About Shawn Mendes!

Source: glamour.com

Fans have been speculating that there is something more than just friendship or a business relationship between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes ever since they released their collab music video together! That being said, the female singer’s latest post was enough to add to the suspicions and make social media users even more convinced they are right.

The cryptic quote is about following her heart and fans feel like it’s her way of expressing her feelings for Shawn.

‘You are going to lose yourself from time to time. Come back. Come back to what your heart really knows. No matter how long u have been gone, come back,’ the quote reads.

Soon after, Camila’s followers started to comment, making it very clear they think the post is about Shawn.

The shippers can’t help but beg for Camren to be real!

Here are a couple of the comments theorizing Camila is super into Shawn: ‘She meant that her feelings for Shawn came back didn’t she ? 🤨💗😍.’ / ‘Camren is very real 😍😍😍😱😱😱😱.’ / ‘Just tell us already: are you and Shawn dating?’ / ‘Of course mami just like you got back to what your heart wants, Shawn 🖤.’

But shipping culture or not, fans still want the best for their idol, and at the end of the day, that means being happy, be it by herself or with a partner.

Whether that love interest is Shawn or not, that is much less important!

‘You deserve to be happy. Do not let others let you down. It is your life not theirs so you do whatever you want 💕,’ one follower sweetly wrote, showing Camila their full support.

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