Cardi B Reveals She’s Spending A Whopping $400K On Daughter Kulture’s 1st Birthday Party!

Source: hypelifemagazine.com

Little Kulture is getting close to her first year on this earth and her mom, Cardi B is super excited to celebrate her first birthday! That being said, the rapper made it very clear that she has all intentions to go all out as far as the party is concerned!

In fact, the star revealed that she estimated she would most probably spend around $400K organizing the huge bash!

While on Instagram Live, the mother of one shared that ‘No lie, I am spending about $400,000. And it is like, damn! $400,000 for a birthday party? But that is because it is her first birthday party and s**t costs!’

But that is exactly the point! Because she is so young, not only will she not remember the special day, she most likely will barely even understand what is going on!

Either way, Cardi is still determined to make it huge and expensive.

However ‘after that first birthday party… Ha ha!’ she laughed, suggesting little Kulture will never again get that same treatment and so, she’ll have to be happy with less.

Knowing Cardi and Offset as well as their financial situation, even a modest party in their eyes is bound to be lavish so Kulture has nothing to worry about as she grows up.

Her update comes not too long before a grand jury indicted the rapper on no less than 14 charges, including felony attempted result intended to ‘cause serious physical injury.’

The news was shared earlier today via TMZ.

Furthermore, a Queens District Court spokesperson also confirmed it while chatting with HollywoodLife.

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