Chinese Couple Narrowly Avoid Freight Train While Filming For Social Media

A couple were flung from their feet while posing for a video just inches away from a speeding freight train.

If that doesn’t sound like the smartest decision ever made to you, then you’re completely right.

In fact, it is so earth-shatteringly dense that you can only marvel at the fact that no one was severely injured – or worse – during this ridiculous incident.

To re-iterate, don’t stand near passing trains. It’s a really dumb idea.

Anyway, the people involved in this were a Chinese couple who have not been named in the media. Well, you wouldn’t want to be named, would you?

The idiotic pair were standing by the tracks in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, in order to film a ‘touching’ video that they hoped would become popular on social media.

If anything had gone wrong, you can bet they’d have become instantly famous in some of the less-reputable corners of social media.

There are some risks you really shouldn't take for social media likes. Credit: AsiaWire
There are some risks you really shouldn’t take for social media likes. Credit: AsiaWire

The video, which was filmed by a ‘friend’ – who probably should have mentioned the stupidity of playing with trains – was intended to show their hair getting blown about as the train roared past them.

Instead, the train rushed past them at breakneck speed and chucked them both to ground. The driver even whistled his horn as he sped past as if to say: “What the hell do you think you’re playing at?”

In short, it turns out that speeding freight trains cause a fair amount of air disturbance as they travel. That’s why there are signs on most railway platforms telling you to keep behind the yellow lines.

Local media reported that the girl sustained injuries to her head and legs during the incident. The man in the video hurt his back.

It’s fair to say they both got off pretty lightly, though. They were inches from death and managed to live to tell the tale.

Reports also stated that the driver immediately applied the train brakes when he saw that there were people near to the tracks.

The train driver immediately applied the brakes when he saw people near the tracks. Credit: AsiaWire
The train driver immediately applied the brakes when he saw people near the tracks. Credit: AsiaWire

Naturally, the police got involved. They transferred the couple to the Xingning 3rd People’s Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

It’s against Chinese railway safety laws to be walking along or standing on the tracks at any time, so each of the trio were slapped with a 200 yuan fine (£24; $29). That seems like a fairly low penalty considering what happened.

No amount of likes on social media is worth getting your head caved in by a passing train. It’s depressing that anyone would need that explaining to them.

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