Choose Your Sleeping Pose to Learn More About Your Relationship

Choose Your Sleeping Pose to Learn More About Your Relationship

Within one night, we can turn around approximately 100 times. In one pose we feel hot, while others are simply uncomfortable. However, psychologists are sure that our daily poses, which we take subconsciously, and our sleeping positions reflect our character and worries. Moreover, they can even tell us how things are going in our relationships.

info-ideal is going to tell you about 14 sleeping poses from which couples can gain much information about their relationship.

1. My territory

According to specialists, a person who spreads out in bed tends to solve all the issues himself. The other person snuggling on the other side of the bed tends to give way and follow other people’s opinions. It is considered to be a sign of rudeness and tyranny in a relationship. These ties are not strong enough: for this reason, sooner or later a couple might face some difficulties.

2. Conquering space

Experts state that one of the partners in this pose seeks closeness, whereas the second one wants to stay away, which is why he keeps moving away. It is likely that this couple has some disturbances they need to deal with.

3. Looking at you as in a mirror

Choose Your Sleeping Pose to Learn More About Your Relationship

A couple sleeping in such a pose has absolute harmony in their relationship. Not only are they good partners but also good friends. They understand, respect, and appreciate each other. No negative events can affect their relationship.

4. Slight touch

Psychologists say that a slight touch of a leg or an arm during sleeping indicates that a couple has complete harmony and trust. An emotional contact is set during such touches, bringing tranquility and comfort from the closeness. This pose says that the spirit of freedom and friendship is there in the relationship.

5. Watching the stars

Many couples prefer this position at the beginning of their relationship or marriage. This pose speaks to a strong connection with each other. One of the partners lies in a “king” pose, which indicates the feeling of the owner. The second partner enjoys the feeling of reliability and security. This kind of relationship is quiet and harmonious.

6. Strong shoulder

Such positioning of the bodies tells us about a solid relationship as well as love, tenderness, and affection to each other. A couple sleeping in this pose is likely to have a happy and strong relationship that promises a great future.

7. Spoons

Couples usually take this pose during the first years of either living together or marriage. If one partner hugs the other from behind, it shows his sincere care and attention. This couple feels comfortable and secure together. They have been building up their relationship for quite a long time, and they really appreciate it.

8. Don’t go away

It is actually the same pose as “spoons,” but the couple is lying a little further from each other. This position can mean 2 things:

1) Perhaps the passion in this couple has calmed down. One of the partners is seeking more freedom, while the second one wants to feel more closeness. An arm on a shoulder is a sign of the latter.

2) In the second case, due to feelings fading, the person who turned his back is asking the second partner to show more attention and affection.

9. The king of the bed

The “king” pose tends to be taken by people willing to self-affirm and express themselves, while the pose of the second partner speaks about shyness and reservedness. This kind of relationship is often selfish and not stable. The second partner has to adjust and concede in life, just like in sleeping.

10. pose

This pose can tell us several things:

1) There is something wrong with the relationship. An absence of contact between bodies as well as clamped arms and legs means that the partners are seeking more personal freedom. Misunderstanding, tension, and disagreements between the partners might be taking place.

2) If a couple sleeps turned away from each other but their arms and legs are not clamped, it means that they simply respect each other’s personal space. They admit and accept the habits of each other.

11. Touchpoint

Touching one another with a part of the body indicates the necessity of closeness. It is a pose for lovers who respect each other’s personal space.

However, this position can also mean a new stage in living together. It involves gaining trust, mutual understanding, tenderness, and thankfulness instead of just passion.

12. Dialogue

A couple sleeping in this pose is tied by a strong spiritual connection. However, they spend a lot of time apart. Due to work or other obstacles, they see each other very rarely in the evenings or at weekends. Nevertheless, they understand each other well, appreciate their relationship, and respect their partner.

13. Love knot

Specialists say that this pose is specific for the passionate and tender start of a marriage when both partners are charmed by each other. The position might be not that comfortable, but the lovers don’t care. The most important thing is to be close to each other.

14. Zen pose

This is the position of a couple that has gone a long way together. If a couple sleeps in such a pose, it means that each of them is trying to save his/her personal space without losing the contact with their partner. It is a sign of a strong, healthy, and stable relationship.

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