Chris Brown Is Happy Rihanna Is In Love But Still Has Some Regrets Over Their Failed Relationship


Chris Brown Is Happy Rihanna Is In Love But Still Has Some Regrets Over Their Failed RelationshipSource:

One new insider report claims that while Chris Brown is very happy his ex Rihanna is in love, he can’t help but have some regrets when it comes to their past relationship failing. As fans know, Riri opened up about her romance with Hassan Jameel not too long ago, revealing that she is definitely ‘in love.’

Hearing this, Brown is allegedly glad she has that in her life.

However, he still wonders sometimes what could’ve been if they never ended things, especially the way that they did.

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘When it comes down to Chris and his thoughts on Rihanna’s relationship with Hassan, he’s really happy for her. He knows he blew it with her years ago, so he always thinks about what could’ve been. He has mixed emotions about it all, but knows they have both moved on in their own ways.’

The insider noted that Chris will never stop having a ‘soft spot’ for his ex.

‘Chris feels like he could’ve been in a position to be with her still, if he chose different ways to pursue that path when he was with her. But, he also knows that life is long gone and over now, and to harp on it is not wise,’ they went on to say.

That being said, he would rather ‘support’ her in everything she does.

Rihanna is usually very private about her relationship with Hassan and while chatting with Ocean’s 8 co-star Sarah Paulson for Interview magazine, she refused to mention his name, she still opened up more than ever.

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That includes her admitting she loves him and that she definitely wants to be a mother one day.

But whether they’ll end up walking down the aisle or if he’ll be the father of her children, she couldn’t say. Only time will tell!

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