Chris Matthews: ‘Bugs Bunny’ McConnell ‘always gets away with’ wrongdoing

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews referred to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as “Bugs Bunny” during the network’s live coverage of the Senate impeachment trial.

The “Hardball” host said the Kentucky senator “always gets away” with something he did wrong.

“If the Bugs Bunny, I call him, of this business, the clever Mitch McConnell, who is so much a Bugs Bunny character, he always gets away with it,” Matthews said. “And we know he got away with something that he did wrong, just like Bugs Bunny.”

The Senate early Wednesday morning approved a rules resolution for the impeachment trial that largely echoes the rules McConnell had hoped to set.


It prevents Democrats from calling new witnesses or offering new documents for evidence. Democrats will get a chance to have the Senate vote to consider witnesses again after the impeachment managers and President Trump‘s impeachment team offer their arguments.

Matthews has referred to McConnell as the iconic cartoon character before, including on Jan. 14 when discussing impeachment trial rules.

“But sometimes, he is Bugs Bunny, you know. He’s not Elmer Fudd sometimes. He knows what he’s doing,” Matthews, a former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter, said.

Matthews later broached the possibility of a negotiation on witnesses by wondering if Democrats would agree to have former Vice President Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden testify.


“Joe Biden could say, ‘I don’t know why they’re investigating me, I never had a conversation with my son about anything to do with Burisma, ever. So there’s my answer, move on.’ ”

McConnell and the GOP tabled every amendment offered by Democrats, blocking them from consideration. 

“All of these amendments under the resolution could be dealt with at the appropriate time,” McConnell said several times during the trial debate.

“The organizing resolution already has the support of the majority of the Senate. That’s because it sets up a structure that is fair, evenhanded and tracks closely with past precedent that were established unanimously,” he also added.

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