Chris Wallace: ‘Just insane’ Swalwell is talking impeaching Trump again

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace on Friday said it is “insane” that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) has discussed impeaching President Trump for a second time, arguing that both Democrats and Republicans need to focus on problems facing the country instead of resorting to “politics of personal destruction.”

The comments from Wallace come after Swalwell told CNN earlier this week that Democrats are “not going to take our options off the table” regarding future impeachment while discussing Trump’s critical comments regarding the Roger Stone case, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called “an abuse of power” for allegedly attempt to influence a Justice Department matter.

“We’re not going to let [Trump] just torch this democracy because he thinks that he’s been let off once and we’re not going to do something about it,” Swalwell added. 


Wallace joined Fox News radio to advise against a second impeachment, saying that “the last thing” Americans want is “to go down this road again.”

“When you’re hearing people like Eric Swalwell say, ‘Well, maybe we’re going to impeach again.’ Insane, just insane,” Wallace told host Chris Foster on “The Fox News Rundown” on Fox News Radio.

“Both sides need to focus on actually helping people deal with the problems that they face in this country,” Wallace continued. “Whether it’s the economy or jobs or education or health care or foreign policy, whatever. They need to be focusing on that and not … staying in this kind of politics of personal destruction.”

Wallace also said Trump should not have weighed in on the recommended sentencing in the Stone case, which was originally set for 7-9 years. The president commented that the length of the sentence was egregious after the recommendation was made public.

“It seems to me that most people in this country, the last thing they want to do is go down this road again,” Wallace said. “And we seem to be headed, not necessarily to impeachment, but down this road of the president doing things that are very questionable. I think weighing in on the sentencing — it wasn’t a guideline — it was a recommendation by prosecutors. And then the recommendation gets changed and now he’s attacking the judge. I think that’s all really misguided on his part.”


Four Justice Department prosecutors resigned from the Stone case on Tuesday after Attorney General William Barr stepped in to recommend a lower sentence than the agency recommended for lying to Congress and witness tampering.   

It was later revealed on Wednesday that Tomeka Hart, a former Democratic congressional candidate, said she served as foreperson on the jury that convicted Stone on obstruction charges in November.

Several of Hart’s anti-Trump tweets were then uncovered, including a March post about the Mueller investigation, which led to the charges against Stone. 

A federal judge denied Stone’s request for a new trial on Wednesday. 

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