Conor McGregor Probably Won’t Accept Jorge Masvidal UFC Fight According to Joe Rogan

Just a few days after Jorge Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in five seconds, the Cuban-American fighter called out Conor McGregor for a mega-money showdown. But MMA commentator Joe Rogan thinks that he should stay away from the man who now holds the record for the fastest KO in the sport.

Poetically, Masvidal declared: “I want [Conor] McGregor. I want to break his face,” while appearing on The Dan Le Batard Show. “I think that’s an easy paycheque. He’s got these cash symbols written all over his face for me. I just don’t see it going his way if I’m honest with you.”

Conor McGregor Unlikely To Accept the Jorge Masvidal UFC Fight. Credit: PA
Conor McGregor Unlikely To Accept the Jorge Masvidal UFC Fight. Credit: PA

Rogan, who was hugely disappointed with the post-match brawl in McGregor’s last fight, had his say on the potential match-up: “That’s a rough fight for Conor.

“Masvidal is a big fella too. He really belongs at 170 [pounds], that’s where he’s fighting. He fought at 155, but really tortured himself to make that weight. He’s a big guy.

“You’re talking about a guy that knocked out ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, knocked out Darren Till, knocked out Ben Askren. I mean, he’s knocking out big welterweights – big.

“Darren Till is a big welterweight. He’s big. He’s not a guy coming up from 155 pounds. He’s never making 155 pounds.

“In the last few fights, [Masvidal] is coming into his own, really becoming something special.”

Despite McGregor announcing his retirement from MMA via Twitter, fighting chief Dana White hasn’t given up hope on seeing him return to the Octagon.

He told BT Sport: “I’ve literally talked about this non [stop].

“There’s nothing going on with Conor right now.

“Conor is, you know – I think he’s waiting to see how this whole thing plays out.”

Whether McGregor steps up to the plate or not remains to be seen, but he’s making sure he’s keeping busy in his retirement after revealing he’s been building several houses designated for families ‘without a home to call their own’. He shared photos of the build via Facebook. McGregor wrote: “Back on the site today, it has been a while.

“This is my first property development. We have 8 homes here closing in on finish.

“Three bedroom houses, designated for families that currently reside in hotels around the capital, without a home to call their own. But not for long. Through the storm comes the sun!

“Walking around this land and these homes today, meeting all the neighbours, knowing that soon there will be families living here, creating their own memories, and building back their lives, gives me great pride!

“Ireland forever! Ireland first! Ireland always!”

Jorge Masvidal, lands a flying knee on Ben Askren. Credit: PA
Jorge Masvidal, lands a flying knee on Ben Askren. Credit: PA

Conor is a born fighter, so it remains to be seen whether or not he’s up for the challenge of Jorge Masvidal.

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